PS5 dealers fight against Scalper: The Tricks Japanese Seller

To take more effective against Scalper, Japanese dealer Nojima Denki has decided on new measures to sell new PS5 consoles to customers. The purchase of the value of the product is intentionally reduced to make the resale for Scalper a bit more uninteresting. Among other things, the customer s name is written to the packaging - with felt-tip pen and pen. If you remove the color of the pen from the packaging, it should continue to see a print of the name.

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In addition, the dealer seems to take the controller from the packaging. The idea behind it is that SCALPER hardly would hardly want to reveal your identity so openly - in addition, open PS5 consoles can not sell at high prices, as partially currently on the market. In recent months, there have already been numerous methods to hold Scalper from the purchase of a PS5. For example, traders tried to bring new consoles to the hands of the players, for example, about a lottery. Publisher Sony binds the console - when buying in your own shop - to the ID of the user in the PlayStation Network.

Protect manufacturers with the global chip deficiency, which slows the production of numerous products. An end to this situation is not yet in sight. Also in the coming year, problems in the market is expected. Already in July 2021 the PS5 (Buy Now 624.90 €) has reached a milestone with over ten million units sold - compared to its predecessor this number was reached faster a month.

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Retailer BANS PS5 Sales To Scalpers After Chaos Breaks Out From Dominik Zwingmann author 11.10.2021 at 13:20


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