BVB: How reacts Haaland to a middle finger after his goalkeeper

HALAAND ABUSED BY A WOLFSBURG LADY FAN AFTER SCORING HIS 50TH GOAL...LADY SHOWED HIM MIDDLE FINGER???????? BVB striker Erlang Haaland has responded to an unfriendly gesture of a Wolfsburg fans at his goalkeeper with humor.

The cheers of Haaland (21) after his hits for 3: 1 at the Away Victory of Borussia Dortmund at the VFL Wolfsburg was captured by a cameraman, which also illuminated the reaction of a female VFL fan on the grandstand.

Haaland had achieved the final score in his comeback in the 81st minute, thereby cracking two Bundesliga records and went directly after the sideline, to cheer his 50th Bundesliga. There he then pointed with a wink towards the tribune.

The Norwegian pointed exactly where there was a visibly annoyed lady to him the middle finger. All this was perfectly staged by the cameraman, which was behind or next to the VFL gate on the baseline.

The video circulated after graduation in the social media (here's the video), also Haaland itself finally reacts. The title of the 'Man of the Match' goes to the cameraman, the 21-year-old tweeted in response to the clip.

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