Call of Duty: Vanguard, today s global release... Starting a variety of release commemorative events

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\ - 2nd Daejeon Special Forces Active Campaign, Vibrant Multiplayer, Thrill Full Zombie Experience Call

\ - From high-performance laptop Vanguard> Goods, Thanksgiving for the player s snowflake event progress

\ - Increased Finding the gift event for fans enjoying the campaign

(Bang Guard), which will provide the new World War II, was released today. A special event that celebrates the release of this and congratulations on our country fans, and special events will begin today.

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Through the , the players construct the Task Force Circle in the Second World War, which spread over the European Eastern and Western Wires, Pacific, and North Africa, and change the plane of the history of the history of history.

Campaigns that can experience the project Phoenix, which threatens the world, to provide a heroic activity that can experience a heroic activity, a fresh and diverse combat system, and an online multiplayer, which leads to a specialized battlefield, and Series The first zombie crossover cooperative mode, etc., and the like, will provide a solid gameplay configuration across all aspects. is also expected to be prepared for all.

The launch of the Vanguard> will be commemorated with our fans with our fans, and two events are started to welcome new special forces who want to jump into the battle of the second war in the background.

Snowflake Investment Money - until November 18

A snowflake event that contains the meaning of audits toward fans is initiated. Up to November 18, PC version of Standard Edition (General Edition), Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Edition Upgrade, or Call of Duty Point: Point (CP) All players to purchase goods For those, snowflakes are earned according to the purchase amount.

Players visit events and earned snowflakes, including high-performance laptops, gaming mice and headsets, camping lamps, milletary jumper and hats, etc. Gargo, There is a chance to have a chance.

Before the start of the event, the snowflakes are retroidized to players who have purchased before the start of the event, and the players can be applied to the gift lottery as many times as the snowflakes collected during the event period.

During the event period, we also have a 100% winning event opportunity to acquire a gift to ensure a gift from the instantaneous use of the earned snowflakes. Players with specific gifts that you want are available to events and participate in the events after checking the day that can secure the gift through event pages and pre-announcements.

Details of the Snowflake Payment, Earning Criteria, Detailed Gift Details, etc. This Snowflake Integrator Event is available for details on the official blog Post and event page.

Campaign Mode Clear Certification Event - By November 11

In accordance with the launch of today (5th), it is the main character of the special troops of the special troops today, and the Campaign Mode Clear Certification Event, which encourages the fraud of the players who jump into the campaign, is also beginning. After completing the campaign mode of until the 11th of today (5th), and after completing the campaign mode of the , the Vanguard> We present Goods as a gift

Reveal Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard For more information about participation in events, such as detailed authentication and hashtag methods, see Call of Duty Official YouTube Channel Community Page. In addition to the Call of Duty Official YouTube channel, the event that celebrates the release of the release will be held in the event of a time, and the clue is released in various images on the Vanguard> to be released later through the channel.

can play from PS5, PS4, Xbox series X, S, Xbox One, and PC today through In Korea, the voice and text are faced in Korean to enjoy the virtual experience of the Second World War in Korea, and the language options can be selected according to their taste.

New news and content for is available in Formula Facebook and formula YouTube channel, and Naver Games Lounge.


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