Com2us professional baseball 2021, club tournament opens

The popular Mobile Baseball Game Com2s Pro Baseball Game Com2us Pro Baseball 2021 (Company 2021) is going to proceed with the Club Tournament Competition to cover the strongest club.

This year s Club Tournament Competition, a Club Tournament Competition, utilizes a typical cooperative content Club War in the game, to a person who is in a club, as an online counterpart, which can afford to compete among teams, and can participate.

The Club Tournament Competition, which is unfolded from December 4th, will proceed in a way that club members are confronted against the competition teams of similar skills from Monday to Saturday. The club trophy is paid depending on the result of the club members, and the 8 teams will be selected for the final main line according to the number of cumulative trophy acquisition of the team.

If the number of cumulative trophy between teams is the same, it is required to have a sticky bond and unity between the clubs because it determines the priority of the club points that are different depending on the result of the weekly activity of the club. In addition, we can feel a special buff called Mandarin Crowd to the club in the main line from this season, and you can feel the fun of the maximized attacks.

The Third Club Tournament will proceed to the final round of the Finals, which will be held on December 19, which will be held through the preliminaries and the finals. This compensation is given.

In addition, we will provide a variety of enjoyment, such as win-out events, which will predict the teams on the end of the final stage during the main stage,

IBF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS DUBAI 2021 | Men Trios Finals USA vs KOREA Replay More details on the 3rd club tournament are available for more details on the 2021 official café.


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