Dark monster hunting PVPVE Shooter HUNT: showDown Real-action decision! Delivery is at streaming service BINGE for gamers

Creek announced that a live-action project of CO-OP PVP VE shooter HUNT: showdown is in progress.

Hunt: Showdown is an FPS competing to the stage of a monster with a monster at the late 19th century. Not only a simple monster hunt, but also a PVP VE system that earns a prize for rewards.

According to the announcement of the official site, the live-action version is said to be delivered with a streaming service BINGE for gamers who are planning to start 2022. As an executive producer, three founders of Creek were announced that three people, such as Agni Berlin, are involved.

Agni Berlin comments that Hunt: showdown in the Bone World Visit in Dark and Bone World Words is a wonderful series. Binge, Binge, Binge, who serves as a producer, was joyed to realize this live-action, and he wanted to have a partnership with Creek and future.

Streaming service BINGE will start service 2022. Hunt: Showdown Details such as a schedule for live action have not been revealed.


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