Deep Rock Galactic: Over 3 million players, Season 01 lands in the Xbox Game Pass

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Danish independent studio Ghost Ship Games and released by Coffee Stain Publishing. Deep Rock Galactic was totally launched on May 13, 2020, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One after spending two years in very early access.

Deep Rock Galactic Review Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games today announces that the Loop First Mining FPS Deep Rock Galactic has sold over 3 million units on Steam and Xbox One.

In addition, the Alien Dwarf Shooter has achieved a new high of over 40,000 players this month and broke the highest stand on daily active users, which was over 233,000 on 7 November 2021.

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This success follows the start of Season 01 of the Performance Pass, with which the game rises to a new, free, seasonal content model to better tie the loyal Deep Rock Galactic community and at the same time address new players.

Since the publication, Deep Rock Galactic players have spent a total of 125 million hours in Hoaxes, and in addition to the 3 million sales of the baseline, fans have acquired more than 1.4 million LCS.

Deep Rock Galactic is known to have one of the most passionate and inviting communities in the field of multiplayer games, and was also very praised by the criticism.

In 2020, there was a number of awards, including two SSW Awards for the Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in the multiplayer area, and was nominated in the Multiplayer category for a BAFTA.

The success of Deep Rock Galactic and Ghost Ship s Games unique development approach also led to the studio of the EMBRACE Group at the beginning of this year and collected with his publisher Coffee Stain Publishing to a sister company.

The way Ghost s Ship Games works is remarkable. It was an uninterrupted pleasure to accompany you on this trip so far, and everything appears we are not finished for a long time, says Albert Castro, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing. The changeover on seasons seems to arrive well with our players, and the newly expanded community can look forward to so much more.

When we started the Early Access at the beginning of 2018, we would not have guessed that we would reach new top values ​​at CCS and sales at the end of 2021! Siren Landward, CEO & Co-Founder, Ghost Ship Games said. We have always developed Deep Rock Galactic together with our community, and the new Performance Pass aimed for more opportunities to give you more opportunities to play over a longer period of time, so we look forward to such a large milestone for such a large milestone led us.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 01 is available today on Steam and will appear on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on November 18th.


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