From the quarantine to the top match: FCM receives Brunswick

Zebras want a clean living room

Time again crisis against uplifting ambitions — so the signs are just formulated when the third-league match day takes his prelude to the Friday night in Duisburg. The domestic zebras also remain after the coach change and the bitter 2: 3 with the Munich Lions under the stroke, the SV Waldo Index has the top 3 further firmly in view. Duisburg's Neu-Coach Hagen Schmidt refers to the home advantage: We play in our living room. We do not want to pollute that.

Does the FCM stop the BSV at a distance?

Prius Magdeburg measures with the distinguished fourth Braunschweig. Imago Images / Eisner

The Saturday offers highlights, not too short. Prius Magdeburg measures itself after the corona forced break with the emerging fourth Braunschweig. At the FCM, players are in the matter like horses from the racing team who want to go back to the racetrack, says sports chief Omar Short. The BSV considers. Defender Brian Behind refers to the saddle-resistant defensive of the Lower Saxony. We played zero eight times. For us defenders, this is how to shoot a goal. And besides, Brunswick still one, two, three places further high — Magdeburg should be warned.

Surprise team SV Happen is third in series for four wins — and has finally also have a positive goal ratio (plus 2). The EMIL countries must refrain from abroad in Würzburg on the yellow-banned complex and Dombrowka. The Waldhof Indess have been up-to-work since the coach change, but continued penultimate.

For the first time it says BVB II against FCC

As the SVM also strives for the 1st FC Kaiserslautern upwards. At the opponent Borussia Dortmund II, there was last after a longer thirst trunk once again a 2: 1 success in the hall — directional third-league duel, which will give it for the first time.

The 1st FC Saarbrücken and Viktoria Berlin want to claim the place in the upper table half of the table. In the offensive game of the in mediocre slipped SV When Wiesbaden is meanwhile plenty of sand in the gearbox. Instrumentation of the rooms and more tempo calls for the new coach Markus Kaczyński in front of the duel against the square slipped into the relegation zone SC Very. There, Nestling Averse continues to be permanent guest, which will not be changed in the home game against 1860 Munich.

COVID-19: New Brunswick announces new isolation requirement for households – November 18, 2021

Releasable home task for OSHA — game one to Hall

A third league pointed team attracts at Sunday : The VFL Osnabrück is clear favorite against the SC Freiburg II (1 pm). The Brasher seems admirable as soon as the coming week Averse in another home game — the VFL fans dream of a top game in Magdeburg on December 11th and a place far above for winter break. The same is currently only a nice illusion for Viktoria Cologne and the Halleschen FC (2 pm).

The 17th match day closes on Monday with the game pairing Turkic Munich against PSV Wicket. The homeowners have already given the run of the trainer Peter Hall after just a few weeks in the office and threaten to slip into the cellar. With a threesome, Turkic would send a signal and pass to the Wicket swans whose coach Joe Enoch's quarantine.


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