Hitman 3: Second year full of content confirmed

2022 Hitman 3 is not only expanded by new maps and modes, the PC version also receives Retracing and VR support.

Hitman 3 - Official Year 2 Announcement

The first year of Hitman 3 is almost over and who had feared, the developer Io Interactive leaves the title afterwards, can now sleep again. The Danes have announced that there will be a new content one year 2. The right unveiling of all this should take place only in early 2022, but the company has already given a small view of what awaits you.

So, next year, more levels, stories, game modes and other things await you in Hitman 3. One of the innovations Io Interactive has already revealed: the Elusive Target Arcade mode. Although the studio with details is still behind, but has already revealed that it is the ultimate 'Elusive Target' challenge and that all its content will be permanently available in the game.

In addition, IO has analyzed that there will be a large, important update for Hitman 3 in the spring of 2022. But what exactly it contains, you do not say anything. Concrete things were announced for the PC version. Players with good hardware get two chic features: Retracing and the option to play the complete title in VR. The latter has so far reserved the PS4 and PS5 players with a PS VR. Not a long time, then Crocker Hitman 3 can also experience the most active way. The VR support comes already in January. But still it is not known which virtual reality glasses are supported.

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