How to find and manufacture an angular stone in Minecraft

You can use an angular stone to modify the direction towards which a compass tip Minecraft. The traditional location indicated by a compass is the appearance point of the world. By placing a compass on an angular stone, it now leads you to the stone. You can do it to make sure you do not lose a particularly rare resource and come back freely to an ideal location.

There are two ways to get an angular stone. The first option is to plunder a vestige of bastion in the nether. These large castle-shaped structures have Higgins that appear everywhere and inside, ready to defend the location against all players. The chests available on the bridge or inside the treasury room of the structure have 100% chance of containing an angular stone inside. Although guarantees, these meetings will be easy to survive, and you will have to proceed with caution. The remains of bastion generate in the crimson forest, the waste of the nether, the valley of soul sand and the distorted forest.

Alternatively, you can manufacture an angular stone. The object requires eight chopped stone bricks and a nether ite ingot. You will need to manufacture three blocks of stone to transform them into stone slabs, then make two stone slabs to create a single chopped stone brick. Once you have all your chiseled stone bricks, you must create a Nether ite ingot, which requires extracting ether debris from nether and melt in remnants of nether ite and gold bullion.

How To Mine Stone In Minecraft Go to your craft station with all these materials to make your cornerstone to place anywhere. Put the compass on so that the arrow now points to the cornerstone instead of the world s point of appearance. You will have to extract the cornerstone with a pickaxe to move it from different places.


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