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Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday adhering to Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It marks the beginning of the Xmas purchasing period. Numerous shops use very promoted sales on Black Friday as well as open extremely early (sometimes as early as midnight), or a long time on Thanksgiving Day.

Jorginho's Penalty Round Up | Chelsea Tops Black Friday has routinely been the busiest purchasing day of the year in the USA considering that a minimum of 2005.

One or the other will certainly have thought immediately of the first leg, when Jericho starts at the time of Friday night at the point. At that time, a little more than two months ago, Bernard had been fouled. Jericho joined, but shot weakly summer in his arms — it remained at the 0: 0, Italy missed the preliminary decision around the group victory, which solves the World Cup ticket.

In the second leg, the Azure stood against the dot soil in the Studio Olympic to Rome so quite under pressure, a defeat and Switzerland would be passed by. After an early residue, the European champion fought himself back to the game in the first half, holding the draw into the final phase the Remix — then followed the drama: as in the first leg Bernard was fouled, again stepping Jericho to the point — only difference: it ran Already the 90th minute, a goal for Italy would probably have solved the World Cup ticket.

MANCINI: If he felt afterwards, it was right

But the horror-déjà-Vu for Jericho became perfect: similar to Bochum Keeper Manuel Riemann a week before against Cofferdam Such the Mittelfeldmann the ball in the Roman night sky, the game ended 1: 1.

Already immediately after his renewed mischief, Coffin was close to tears, but after the encounter of his teammates and coach Roberto Mancini but got the back strengthened: Jericho? He is a penalty shooter. If he felt afterwards, it was right that he was right Shot, said about Mancini, also Leonardo ONUCI became clear: He s our shooter, and he ll stay it, we all make mistakes, but we have to look forward.

in Belfast under pressure

And this front, that is for the Azure Belfast. There is the Nordirische selection on the European champion on Monday, Switzerland welcomes Bulgaria (20.45, live! At leg Berardi). If the Italian choices are pass, the MANCINI team must probably recover in the play-offs. Even a high victory of the Eidgengen could already force Italy to the play-offs.


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