Lineage decline in 2 sluggish, 3Q09,

NC soft has not been able to sluggish earnings in the third quarter. More than 14% of sales, operating profit fell 56% over the previous year. In the main factor, he did not receive the grades of Bless 2, which was released at the end of August, in the decline in PC Online and Mobile Lineage series sales, which has triggered Croft performance. However, on November 4, Lineage W is expected to rebound in the fourth quarter, because Lineage W is initially recording high sales.

NC soft announced its earnings in the third quarter of 2021. In this quarter, NC soft has achieved sales of W500.6bn, operating profit of W96.3bn, and net profit of W99.5 billion, and sales were 14% higher than the previous year, and operating profit and net profit fell 56% and 35%, respectively.

Looking at games by game, Lineage M and PC Online Lineage sales have declined significantly from the previous year. Lineage M has a 38.7% reduced by 38.7% from the previous year, and PC Online Lineage declined 41% YoY. As a result, regional sales have also been reduced by 29.36% in Korea.

LINEAGE 2 FM Подборка клипов 083 In addition, August 26th, 26, 2, 26, About this, NC soft Hong Leon CFO said, Satisfactory sales by the end of September. We are constantly reinforcing content by actively reflecting user characteristics and demands, and based on domestic service experience, we are preparing to make a better performance in the global market next year. We added that operating profit decline is also linked to sluggish sales.

However, it is expected to rebound from 4Q. Lineage W released in 12 countries, including domestic domestic domestic, has been announced that it has recorded high sales in the early days. NC soft explained that the average revenue of W12bn is 12 billion won and 12 billion won for 12 billion won, and explained that it is expected to achieve Cumulative sales of W100bn. Lineage W is released in North America and Europe next year, and another new project TL based on Lineage aims to launch in 2H08 next year.


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