Lingering Malady Quest Guide - Genhin Impact - Poster locations and display panels

Genuine Impact is an actioning computer game developed by Photo.

The persistent sick quest will be available in Genshin Impact at the range of adventure 30. For this quest, you will have to find four different objects in Ronstadt. If you speak with Arms, one of the Knights of Famous, it will ask you to help find four posters and billboards that have been blown by a recent storm.

This is not exactly the most complex quest, but there is a lot of search to do because each element has a very large research area. To save you a lot of time, you can find all the locations listed on the map below.

All these objects are in height, either on the roof of the buildings or on the walls of the city. Use the teleport er in the bell tower as a starting point, because it is much faster to simply slide towards the roofs than to climb to them, especially since some of them have very troublesome overhangs.

You can find the posters at the following locations:

On the north wall of the city On a roof near the adventurers' guild On the roof near the bar

Genshin Impact Lingering Malady Quest - All Posters & Billboards Locations On a roof near the blacksmith

Take them all, then go back to Arms to finish the quest. A small tip for this is to keep an eye open on the chests and bird eggs when you explore the roof of buildings. There are many hidden chests in Ronstadt and bird nests are plentiful, which gives many eggs that can be hard to find.


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