LOL: 2 of the best teams in the world break apart according to Worlds 2021

DWG KIA, typically described as DAMON KIA (Korean: 담원 기아) and formerly known as DAMON Video gaming (abbr. DWG; Korean: 담원 게이밍), is a South Korean expert esports organization. Its Organization of Legends team completes in the LACK, the high-level organization for the video game in South Korea. DWG won their very first LACK title on 5 September 2020 after beating DR in the 2020 LACK summer finals. 8 weeks in the future 31 October 2020, Damon won the 2020 World Championship after a leading go through the team as well as KO stages as well as a 3-- 1 triumph over Tuning in the grand finals.

Beleaguer of Legends chips 2 of the best team in the world. The Chinese team Fun plus Phoenix loses three of its best players with Than, ​​Doing and Augur after the Lol Worlds 2021. Also, at DWG Kia, it is crisping: The top players Canyon, Beryl and Shoemaker are free agents, top Later Khan has to become the military and to add to ADC Ghost is really trouble.

This is the situation at Fun plus Phoenix:

Fun plus Phoenix are the world champions from 2019, who struck all other teams with a superior combo from Jungle and Midland. In the final one wiped the ground with the European Hope G2 Esports. In addition, they pushed a clear announcement for a clear announcement. But 2020 was a crisis year: The Chinese could not qualify for the Worlds. 2021 Salt FIX as a favorite to win the Worlds 2021, but flew out in the preliminary round. Thats really hurt.

Planer takes a break from the play — did not clear in China

Thats changing now at Fun plus Phoenix:

It started to make musket, Planer Augur would return to DWG Kia to replace Khan there. That would have been ironic, because Augur was changing from World Champion DWG Kia to Fun plus Phoenix 2020 and had replaced Khan there.

However, that took a turn when Augur announced about his manager that he does not want to play 2022 professionally lol. It was said that the South Korean Augur was in overseas in 2021, so in China, and the stress could have taken him mentally. The pressure is too much for him, he wanted to take a break from the E-Sport (Via Invent).

Shortly thereafter, Jungle Than, ​​the MVP of the Lol Worlds 2019, was left the team. It is not clear yet where he goes. Than had been criticized a lot after the Worlds 2021 — he was considered one of the reasons why it ran so Main for FIX.

Besides, even the face of the team, Doing, leave the world champion from 2019: The Milan is attracted to LNG Esports. He apparently wants to play together with the world-class Jungle Tarzan.

At DWG Kia, the situation of all 5 players is questionable

This is the situation at DWG KIA:

DWG Kia has a huge upswing behind him. A few years ago, no one knew, at the Lol Worlds 2019, they trumped, but failed at G2 in the quarterfinals 2020 they were unstoppable and marched to the World Champion team. Jungle Canyon and Milan Shoemaker have been considered an absolute exceptional talent since the season and experts in League of Legends. 2021 They were similarly unstoppable, and it took a medium-sized wonder that they lost 2-3 in the final and were only second.

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What changes at DWG Kia? At DWG Kia we have reported on Mango already in the April 2021 that fans feared, DWG Kia will be torn apart by offers of Chinese teams. After the Lol Worlds it looks like the over-team actually dealt apart.

As announced, the Top Later Khan is left the team, which must compete his military service at the South Korean army.

To the ADC Ghost theres a pretty drama in South Korea. The wanted to leave DWG Kia apparently and had contacted another team. The other team is NS Red force — but he threw the team to have lied to him and wasting his time.

The CEO of NS Red force said, but it would not have been, they would have made an offer that would have been rejected (via Invent). Apparently, there were misunderstandings between the two teams and the player.

The location of the 3 others starts from DWG Kia is still unclear: Supporter Beryl, Jungle Canyon and the currently probably the best player in the world, shoemaker, are officially free agents. DWG Kia has announced however to offer you new contracts.

It seems like waiting the three Lol stars on how much money they are from teams of the Chinese League, LPL; get offered.

Currently, DWG KIA has; The world champion of 2020, but no player for 2022 so certainly as it seems.

Even in Europe, the top teams break apart in Lol:

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