Platinum Games puts date and time for your Very Sorry stream : a direct over the next sun created

Platinum Games has highlighted in recent years with great relevance titles in the sector, such as Bayonetta or Nier: Automata. However, the next December 9 Sol crest will be released, an adventure shoot em up of retro style that revives a franchise of the 80s. And to give it protagonism to its new proposal, Platinum Games has announced a direct Of the most peculiar: Hideki Kamiya s Very Sorry stream.

The live will start on November 3 at 4:00, Spanish peninsular time As has announced the developer in social networks, this retransmission will be dedicated to Sol Crest, so users will receive news related related to this game of Plantinum Games. The Very Sorry Stream will start the day November 3 at 4: 00, Spanish peninsular time. Therefore, if you are fans of this class of classical experiences, in a couple of days you will have more information about Platinum Games.

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However, the community does not understand the reason behind the name, so they have already arising theories around an alleged retardation of the game, which would cause Hideki Kamiya s apology. At the moment, nothing will be known until the day of the live, so the crest sol fans will have to wait to know why Kamiya wants to apologize with the audience, if it is that this is the goal behind the retransmission.

Of course, it is possible that Sol crest is not to the agenda, but it is clear that Platinum Games has several open projects. As for other titles of the developer, we recently saw their effort around Babylon s Fall, since, after an avalanche of criticism for its graphic section, Platinum has been improving the visual quality of the game. However, it is likely that many are expecting more data on Bayonetta 3, which was revived in the last Nintendo Direct and could recover some mechanics from the canceled ScaleBound. However, it seems that we will have to wait more time to know news about the witch, since now it s time to know more about sun crest.


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