Schalkes Rouven Schröder weathered after controversial penalty

Everything looked in Bremen after a Schalke away win, Simon Eroded had brought the royal blue with his 154th second division late. Welder, who actually had the better chances in the second round, threw himself fully and brought a ball after another in the Schalke penalty area. However, guests had rarely troubled with their large-scale defense players to defend themselves.

In the fourth minute of reflection time, one of these balls slipped to the second post by substitute Roger Scale. The Bremen lay the ball past the substitute Henning Patrician — and went to the ground.

Late Drama in Bremen | SV Werder Bremen - FC Schalke 04 1-1 | All Goals | Matchday 14 – Bundesliga 2

Grammars: That has blasted all the frames today

Bremen urged vehemently a penalty, but FIFA referee Tobias Staider kept playing. A little later, the 40-year-old was informed of video assistant Christian Singer that he should look at the scene on the screen again. The impartial looked at the moving pictures — and decided to horrify all Schalke on penalty.

This has blasted all the frames today.

Dimitrios Grammars

If you do not recognize a very clear hand game of the Bremen Spiders Plus Schalke — thats just incredible, Wetter Schalkes coach Dimitrios Grammars at the press conference after the game. This has blasted all the frames today. People should question themselves if thats the right way, so the scarce coach continues. The penalty was an absolute impudence today, as I have never experienced her. But the people do not care.

Schröders talk with stalks

Also sports director Rouen Schröder, who was after the game in the cabin of the referee, showed itself if the wrong decision was applied to the Sky microphone. If he whistles him right away, I understand it. If he goes out, and is so sure after prolonged watching, thats one of the crassest wrong decisions Ive ever seen.

The body language of Staider also annoyed the 46-year-old. He runs with momentum for a penalty point and whistles such an emotional thing. Since I also imagine the team. Honestly, thats incredible.

In the conversation after the game, Staider, according to Schröder, called the minimum contact at the foot as the reason for the decision. Before Patrician Scale touched, the Bremen was with the upper arm on the ball. The peaked penalty turned Nicolas Füllmaschrug ( I was looking for animal on the penalty ) at the end sovereignty, which Schalke released the eighth seasonal victory and the leap in the past five prevention.


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