SF Siegen come back twice against Tus Ennepetetal

A winner is the SV Schaerbeek, which on account seized in the battle for promotion round on Friday evening at the PVG Hamm important points. Hamm performed well, but not quite used his existing opportunities. Schaerbeek, however, was efficient. By its first good chance of the VS took the lead. Music claimed on the outside of the ball and found his cross Karagülmez, who held out the slippers (39). After the break, tried Hamm upholds the pressure and pressure on to tie. This lull with increasing playing time from though. The few opportunities that nevertheless arose, let Hamm unused. And so countered Schaerbeek in stoppage time again and Ankara met to decide — Result 2: 0th Schaerbeek climbs characterized in eleventh place, only the worse goal difference keeps the VS still the bottom line and behind the TSG Sprockhövel (17 points). However, Hamm slips to 17th place, but the gap to the places the promotion round remains at five points.

Better maps also have the Sprig Green again. This sat at home thanks to a brace-Kouyate (19./90.+3) against TSV Victoria Carol 2: 0 and pushed at Sprockhövel to within two points approach. The guests from Carol did not use their few opportunities and also acted on the defensive negligence, which Route, who was allowed to slide home from close range without any real resistance, respectively, benefited twice.

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An important step towards promotion round and the ASC Dortmund did in Siegen. Dortmund er sat down at the same point so far Us Erndtebrück scarce but earned 1: 0 by and now have a four-point cushion. The only goal already achieved after one hour Said Aloud, brother of BVB professional and international Mahmoud Aloud. However, the victory was overshadowed by a serious injury. ASC scorer Maximilian Model broke to the cheekbone and an eye socket in the head duel. He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Siegen. His place has underpinned in the top half, meanwhile, the SV Westphalia Rhymer, the surprisingly clear thanks to a Sezer-hat-tricks in Paderborn Reserve 3: won 0th

A better starting point missed Us Ennepetal at the Sportfreunde Siegen. Particularly annoying for the guests: 0 and later a 3: Only a two handed two leaders not to Rear. The hosts were not really present in the first round. The used Ennepetal to two early goals. Letterhead struck after just 60 seconds to put Müller after 19 minutes. The result could have been quite clear before the break, but the Us left it at 2: 0 while. The retaliated in the second round. Siegen berappelte itself. Filipino (65./75.) Struck out twice and equalized within ten minutes. Although hit Gupta (77) prompt back, but this advantage did not claim the guests. In the final minute Nevi saved the sports fans still a vitally important counter Ennepetal (12th) at a distance and time being holds in the relegation round. Even there is one place up to eight for victories. Whether the Holzwickeder SC can scratch the promotion round in the coming weeks once again to be seen. When SC Pressed Münster II in any case the HSC drove three points. Arena penalty, Schultz shortly after the break and Due in stoppage time ensured with their hits for a sovereign 3: 0 win. The Münster however, falling back to 14th place, but also for them to qualify for the promotion round is still possible.

SC Wiedenbrück-SF Siegen

In addition, leader Kan-Marienborn offers top game at FC Guterson. The Homeric initially had light field advantages and decided many small two-fighting for himself. Unpowered, however, Guterson lacked the puncture force, the few possibilities were often not well-played out or to overate. After 20 minutes, the cheeses came better into the game and let the ball patiently run through their own ranks. In the 30th minute it finally rang in the Güterslower Gate. A corner landed in front of the feet of Hammer, who passed past numerous legs to the 1-0 for the Prius. He had chances to increase before the break. Once, however, Hammer stood peters with a giant parade in the way, the subsequent corner clapped to the aluminum. After the break, Guterson tried to build pressure, but the attack attempts ended again and again at the concentrated and multi-legged defense of the guests, which increased in the 54th minute to 2-0. Again it was a standard. This time, Sc held sank a free kick from the right in the long corner. FCG coach Julian Hesse tried to influence the game from the outside and brought fresh forces. It can not let it take more quietly with the 2-0 lead in the back and lurked on counterattack. Only in the final minutes did the hosts developed after a violation of gap (75th) only to tenth, goal danger. A free kick first swatters on the crossbeam, in the detention time alleged then but after a position error of the guest defense. However, the connection came too late. It remained at the 1: 2. Guterson falls through the bankruptcy in five back, Khan, on the other hand, can expand his lead to the SG Wattenscheid 09 on four meters.

The Wattenscheider were forced to watch this weekend because their game was canceled because of a Corona case at the TSG Sprockhövel. The same applies to the game of the Us Halter, which had the SG Finnentrop-Bamenohl to guests. In addition, the RSV Managed succeeded in the third season win in the table cellar Herne.


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