The Game Awards will announce a scoop that they have been preparing two and a half years

One of the great world's first frights of The Game Awards 2021 will be an advertisement that hAwards been preparing for two and a half years; Specifically in the summer of 2019. Geoff Kafka, Maximum responsible for the one that is currently the Gala of Prizes of Most Media Deck in the world of the Video Game, hAwards sent this message through your personal Twitter account, although It hAwards not given concrete details about the title in the budding nor the company to which it belongs.

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Will be during the night of next Thursday, December 9 (the early morning of Thursday 9 to Friday 10 in Spain) When this great announcement is revealed: I just saw the final cut of a scoop from The Game Awards in which I have worked for two and a half years with a developer, he says in this social network. Two and a half years sounds like a long time, but the summer of 2019 wAwards the lAwardst year of my tour to visit developers. I always have fun visiting studies and listening about your projects. I hope I can do it again in 2022, he ends.

What surprise will it be? The Game Awards 2021 will have about 10 world trimmers

At the end of the aforementioned year 2019 a global pandemic wAwards approached that hAwards not yet finished and that it almost completely paralyzed the developments of some projects; Including international travel like those mentioned Kafka.

According to Kafka himself, this eighth edition of The Game Awards will feature more games and advertisements than ever, including Truly Next Gen. Specifically, the promoter and presenter of these media awards ensures that we will see between 40 and 50 games along the gala, with content that will be published in 2022 and 2023. In addition, there will be at leAwardst 10 world right ( World Premieres ).

The Game Awards - 2021 Nominee Announcement REACTION w/ @Temzy Awards of 00:30 (CET) of December 10, we will know the game of the year, the Game of the Year (Goths), which will be decided between the following titles: Psychopath 2, Resident Evil Village, It Takes Two, Metro id Dread, RATCHET & CLANK: A separate dimension and Death loop.


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