These are the animes that will arrive at Netflix for 2021 and 2022

Anime is no longer something that we only find in specific streaming platforms for this content. Netflix has shown that there is a space in its extensive catalog for productions from Japan. In this way, yesterday a special presentation was carried out focused on the new proposals that this market has for the world.

During the Netflix Festival Japan event, has confirmed an extensive list of anime and live action production that will arrive at this platform in the remainder of 2021, as well as over 2022. Here Highlight Tojo s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, the fourth season of aggretsuko, and much more.

This is anime list:

— Tojo s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean (December 1, 2021)

— The Seven Deadly Sins: GRUDGE OF EDINBURGH (2022).

— kakegurui twin (August 2022).

— The orbital Children (January 28, 2022).

— tiger & bunny 2 (April 2022).

— Detective Conan: The Culprit Hinayana and Detective Conan: Zero s Tea Time (to be confirmed).

— aggretgesuko season 4 (December 16, 2021).

-Potato Lives Alone (2022).

— Vampire in The Garden (2022).

— ULTRAPAR Season 2 (2022).

— Rilakkuma s Theme Park Adventure (2022).

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN | Official Trailer | Netflix These are the Productions Live Action:

— Love Like the Falling Petals (film, premiere March 23, 2022).

— Alice in Borderland Season 2 (series, 2022).

— first love (series, 2022).

— Yu Harsh (series, 2023).

— One Upon to Crime (film, to be confirmed).

— Love is Blind: Japan (without script, series, February 2022).

— Last One Standing (without script, series, March 2022).

— Tom IATA (documentary, summer of 2022).

— gun dam (film, without date).

Along with this, the company mentioned that The Seven Deadly Sins, Record of Ragnarök and Huron Ken shin: The Beginning reached Top 10 in more than 50 countries, while more than 120 million households had seen at least one title Anime in 2020. This was what Kaaba Nakamoto, Netflix commented, Vice President of Japan, in this regard:

Our next great bet is to expand the feature films. Japan is home to an extraordinary talent that shapes the world s cinematographic history. With creators as diverse as those with whom we work today, we are enthusiastic about playing a role in the history of the great local talents that their voices find themselves and transmit them to the public everywhere.

Undoubtedly, this demonstrates Netflix s interest in this market. On related topics, here you can learn more about the new season of TOJO S BIZARRE Adventure. Similarly, it has been confirmed that a second season of squid game is already under development.

Editor s note:

The anime little by little has been becoming a Netflix pillar. Thanks to the accessibility of this platform, more people are willing to give this type of productions an opportunity. In the same way, achieving the exclusivity of stone ocean is something that will make more than one finally have an account on this platform.


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