Xbox announces Power on: the company s history in a documentary that already has a release date

Xbox complies 20 years, and Microsoft s efforts towards the video game sector have culminated at the birth of a department that today enjoys great popularity among the public. And is that the initiative of the company has given birth to various consoles that, as we represent it in a special where the 3D game team recalls its experiences between Xbox adventures, has captivated thousands of players.

POWER ON: The Story of Xbox will be released on December 13 Still many stories to tell, especially those that the company has saved between anecdotes, tension moments, risky steps and a lot of illusion. For this reason, Xbox has taken advantage of the Xbox Anniversary Celebration to advertise Power on: The Story of Xbox, a documentary of six episodes in which the story of Microsoft will be reported between video games, from its first steps distributing Adventures such as Age of Empires and even the conception of Xbox Series surrounded by powerful deliveries As forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite.

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The players (and curious of the world of video games) who want to know thoroughly History behind one of the most important companies in the sector can do so from next one December 13 On YouTube IMDB TV, Roku, Red box and Other video platforms. In addition, users of Xbox Fan fest will begin the documentary early, so they will be able to know the highlights of Xbox days before their premiere.

The Xbox Anniversary Celebration has not been only a way to attack the nostalgia of the players, since it has also been used for elevate the expectations around Halo, which has presented the first teaser of its series and has confirmed the Start of Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. On the other hand, the retraction of more than 70 games of the first Xbox and the Xbox 360 have also been announced for the current consoles of the company. So, after 20 years of great progress in the sector, from Xbox look excited back before embark on new horizons.


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