XBox Series X / S: Microsoft makes you tinker with cooler controllers now

Only a few months ago, the Xbox Design Lab has returned for the Xbox Series X / S. In addition to the Xbox One Controller, you can now also create Game pads for Microsoft s Current Gene Console. Some functions were removed in the transition, but now sometimes return — and together with additional options. We tell you which new possibilities exist.

This is new in the Xbox Design Lab

Better hold: Probably the best innovation are roughed grips that can attach to you on the sides of the controllers. So you should have a firm handle even with sweaty hands.

More colors and metallic finish: With the three new options Dragonfly Blue, Nocturnal Green and Velocity Green (Military Green and Electric Green have been painted) are now a total of 19 colors to choose from, in which your individual controller may dive. Of course, these can also be applied to the D-Pad and the triggers — and now even with a metallic finish for a gloss effect.

All official designs and colors of the Xbox Series X / S controller can be found here:

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Here you can be creative: An overview of all the innovations can be found on the official site of the Xbox Design Lab. Here you can also let off steam and create self-creations. If you have succeeded in the perfect design, you can commission the controller and get him delivered a short time later.

In the trailer you can see how the design lab works:

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What does the Xbox Design Lab cost?

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The price for an individualized controller for Xbox Series X / S starts at $70. Now you can make color, buttons, shoulder buttons and the back after your wishes. Special changes cost extra. For the metallic look, for example, you have to lie down $4 for the triggers and the Digit cross. The grips cost around 6 dollars. You can even add an engraving to the Game pad, but this costs 10 dollars extra.

Have you already created a controller in the Xbox Design Lab?


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