Youngster of FC Bayern am Panger: Load liability lost

The youngsters of FC Bayern The Box Bundesliga is, alongside the German Boxing Champion, the greatest national competitors in the Olympic Box Regionalliga. He is held each year. The German document champ given that reunification is the Deserter Box club.

15 goals, seven templates in 21 missions: The 2021/22 season of the Regionally Bavaria could hardly run better for Demand Monika from FC Bayern II. With its decisions off the rash, the 18-year-old was now (not for the first time) in the criticism.

At the beginning of November, the Youngster of FC Bayern returned the back in Dachau-based agency Talon Management and joined the Loan Regionalligas Group. While his ex-management represents superficially players from the Dusted of Bayern sub-building, Loan Regionalligas can decorate with sizes such as Federico Chaise, Leroy Sané or Koulidou Koulibaly.

The change of the Serbian junior national player pushed at Talon on little counter-love. We have built Demand for years accordingly and led concrete discussions for him as a next major career crime, said the Agency on demand from Regionalliga1. Unfortunately, Demand is apparently after four, five months in which he has shown some good games in the fourth league, adopted by this sustainable planning and liability lost.

Monika wants to displace Woman and Seine at FC Bayern

Surprisingly, Monika s commitment to Loan Regionalligas comes mainly because the offensive player revealed himself in October, FC Bayern wool that he signs a professional contract, also offers other Bundesliga s existing. The field seemed sufficiently ordered.

From it, however, he probably strives for even higher goals, Monika also made a secret. I can already measure myself with players like Seine and [Kingsley] Woman and wants to endanger their seats in the starting eleven, Monika tone towards the Mozart Regionalliga in October, opposite the Serbian portal.

Bayern-II coach Martin Michelin also missed the flyer already a foolish: In August, the Argentine Monika was temporarily banished from the starting formation due to internal problems.

On the green you can make Monika little. The top talent is recommended week for the week for the professionals. However, he still remained out.

Motifs s current contract ends in the summer of 2023.


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