1. FC Kaiserslautern: the balance after the first round

2: 0 guided and in the end tailored — the first round of Turkic Munich last Friday was no footballing gloss performance. Nevertheless, he is symbolically for the current situation of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. Not a single game was still lost after a guided tour, the FCC only gave points at 1-1 in Duisburg when he lay on the front. In which dimension the club has improved in this regard, the comparison of the preseason shows: in the same period, the traditional association played five guided tours.

1. FC Kaiserslautern vs. Dynamo Dresden 0-1 | Full Game | 3rd Division 2020/21 | Matchday 1

For us, it was only a matter of time until the work with the summer fruit is carried out in summer.

Co-coach Frank Copper

Three years took it after the 2008 descent, now the red devils in the 3rd league are strengthened for the first time and can not be completely out of the concept of setbacks. That in the traditionally trusted club bodies also after the bad start of the season and the DESOLATE 0: 4 at promoted Viktoria Berlin on the 3rd match day the tranquility is preserved, at least as important as the performance on the grass. It was obviously learned from the mistakes of the past. When the leaders in the preseason had already lost the nerves on the 2nd match day and coach Boris Schooners put in front of the door, they almost paved the way into the Regionally — which was known to stop only at the last moment.

Also, co-trainer Frank Copper, who last represented the locked chef coach Marco Antwerp, stressed this: Even if it has arrived differently in public: All decision makers in the club have kept the rest during this time. We had complete backing, and for It was only a matter of time before the work with the summer, highly improved team bears fruit.

Goose? Record little

The defense is the big trump. With the view of the statistics of the past, the FCC is with its only twelve goals from the first 19 games on a good way. Only Contract Braunschweig 2010/11 (ten) and Dagenham (2013/14), Karlsruhe (2012/13) and Duisburg (2016/17) — Eleven — Collected historically in the 3rd league during this period even less hits than the FCC. Everyone at the end came the championship.

That must also be the goal in Kaiserslautern. If you leave the wrong start ignoring and looks at only the period from the 8th match day, the double-underneath 0: 0 in the derby against Waldo, no way leads past the four times German master. With eight wins, three draws and only one defeat are 27 points from these twelve games to beech — no team took more. It took a little longer than we all thought. But we knew that the team has quality, said Copper: And now the train drives!

Whether the terminus is as desired in the 2nd league will show itself only a few months. Already next Saturday there is a first foretaste. Later must be on Sunday (14 o'clock, live! At TurkGücü Munich) in Braunschweig Ran and can overtake with a victory the table seconds. Just in time for Christmas, the team can show himself with a rise place himself. The wish list would not yet be...


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