Ashes of Creation will be moved to Unreal Engine 5

Ashes of Creation Unreal Engine 5 Walkthrough The end of the year is approaching, so the creators of Ashes of Creation decided to use the remaining time and throw the last update. Intrepid Studio started moving his engine to the latest iteration of the engine from which they use, or jump from Unreal Engine 4 on Unreal Engine 5. In the video below you can see the progress of works and comments developers who praise how beautiful the whole game will look after upgrades For a new engine. Everything is nice, but the question of what with Gameplay? During the last tests it was very poor and the graphics itself are not everything, right? For these Ashes of Creation, it owes its popularity thanks to paying stresses during the above-mentioned tests. It is not known what it is going to, but one thing is certain, do not let yourself be hypo! The game itself is not known when it comes out, if you come to this, and then you will be able to convince or worth it. You can read more here, below gravity a movie.


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