Fall Guys season 3 starts today, here's what you need to know

The next battle royale mini-game season officially starts today and has already begun to unfold. While the online matchmaking is currently paused for the game to update correctly with the content of the new season, he will be officially operational for all players within hours. There should not be many surprises in the coming season, not least regarding the new mini-games present because of autumn The guys spent the last day to announce some of their new games on Twitter page.

The new season was announced, it was then presented to the Game Awards this year when it was confirmed that the new season include 7 new mini-games, three more than the updating of season 2. Yesterday game began to tease some of these new mini-games on their Twitter. Here are the games mentioned so far.

Racing Tundra: Avoid snowballs, the punchers and palms in a mad dash to the finish line! frozen Pic: Use fans blizzard and flippers to climb the peak of the most epic race to date! Skiing Fall: Cross a giant slide and dive through rings of bronze, silver and gold to score points, and you qualify!

Winning A Game WITHOUT Seeing My Fall Guy!? Continued Peg win average star: Chase and keep hold of the Peg win to score points for your team! Debris snowy Roll your team the snowball on snow patches to enlarge! The last team to reach 100% is eliminated! Thin Ice: A spiritual successor of Hex-a-Gone where players must cross breakable ice layers to avoid falling into the slime. The last remaining bean wins! Roll : A variant of the last round of Roll-Out with slime ascending added to make things interesting. Get catchy!

And of course, the new obstacle Rings Dingus as he was affectionately called by Twitter.

They also announced the new feature Crown Ranks, adding a new newsletter in the game, the connection Amazon Prime, new features added to the emission selector, and new quality of life improved features and fixes bugs.

The next Lobbies Private Streamer functionality has entered a closed beta to early access on Steam. It is by invitation only and requires from 40 to 60 players to start a custom game, so for most, it probably will not be something they can use anyway.

So 7 new mini-games, 30 new costumes, new functionality Crown Ranks and other updates and additions of quality of life they are enough to inspire you for Season 3? Let us know in the comments or contact us Twitter or Facebook. Watch the trailer for the update below, put a jacket and mittens, and load the game to start enjoying the new scary season later in the day!


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