For the first time since 1994: Lockout in the MLB

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In the late Wednesday evening (local time), it became clear in New York, which had already announced in advance: the MLB and the player union ML BPA could not agree on a new collective agreement. Especially the distribution of revenue of ten billion US dollars should have led to discrepancies in the negotiations. This has now mean that the world's largest baseball league for the first time has been imposed a lockout for 27 years.

Standstill between players and clubs

This prohibits it to players and teams to guide more negotiations. Contractual, but also all trading projects and training activities on the terrain of associations are thus exposed and prohibited until the league and player union achieve a fundamental agreement. This defensive lockout was necessary because the ideas of the Player Association would endanger the competitiveness of most teams. It is simply no practicable option, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred justified the step.

Season preparation is imminent

It was last given this in August 1994. At that time, in the episode, the entire Post Season was exposed to a running season for the first time in an American Profiling. The following season was then shortened. Whether it comes to similar developments is currently not foreseeable.

MLB: Breaking CBA Lockout 2021 first time in over 25 years 1994-1995! When will Correa/freeman sign?

Regularly the coming season would start on March 31, the preparation should start two months earlier.


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