Fortnite Update: Patch Notes for Chapter 3 Season 1 - All new content

FORTNITE went to the live event on December 4, the servers because of a cliffhanger down. The downtime was used to roll the new 3rd chapter with the 1 season. All changes are set up here on Mango promptly.

What happened today in Fortnite? In Fortnite, the live event ended at the end of Chapter 2 with a turn of the map. The cube queen has withdrawn and left us a new map and a cliffhanger. But now the servers are back, and we supply you with all the important information about the new patch notes of Chapter 3.

If you need important information about the live event and the new trailers, we have just right for you:

See here the epic Fortnite event for Chapter 3, which changed the whole map Fortnite: Battle Pass Trailer to Chapter 3 Season 1 — Shows Antique Fighter and Marvel Superhero Fortnite: Trailer to Chapter 3 Season 1 shows new map, slip mechanics, weapons

Further information about the map is you here:

Fortnite Flip the Island — see the new map of Chapter 3 here

Fortnite can not be played — when and how long?

When and how long does the downtime? The downtime went until the 5th of December at 16 o'clock. Players stared until recently since the live event to the chapter end on the cloudy sea, in which a skin on a tree trunk sponge. Unconscious drove the skin to finally the servers again.

Which new content brings Chapter 3 Season 1?


The cube queen has shot the entire old MAP by 180° without problems. A new scene of the fight came about. This new island will most likely be the new Map from Fortnite for the 3rd Chapter.

Slide mechanics

In Chapter 3 you can now slip together with your colleagues. For this you have to go in a squat during a sprint. A slip maneuver ensures a boost at speed.

Spider-Mans network shooter

EPIC launches Spider-Mans Gadget on the map from December 11. With the net shooters you can swing through the air to leave big distances behind you so fast.

New weapons

Fortnite offers a wide variety of new weapons in Chapter 3, which would be:

Ranger assault rifle

This rifle is devastating for medium distances and perfectly aligned for width.

MK-7-Storm Rifle

This gun is perfectly aligned on medium and wide distances. With the high shot rate everything can be sewed down. But you also have a special red-point visor with which you can go to your enemies.

If you equip this weapon with the foundation, the rake changes and gets an even higher shot rate.

Striker Pump gun

The strikes shout a lot of shot, but if you go to your true effect.

Automatic shotgun

This shotgun is designed for quick fighting. With it, you can recharge two cartridges at once and has fully automatic mode. However, she is not quite as powerful as the strikes.

Fastener pistol

The new pistol is aimed at medium distance, but efforts from nearby devastating head damage.

Stitches Machine Gun

A submachine gun designed for medium distance. With her, she sets massively damage to players, but also to buildings.

Repeater Hunting Rifle

This sniper ensures stark damage and scores with a large magazine that holds three balls. So you miss a shot, you can correct with the remaining two errors.


You can now also camp in the huge landscape of the new map. You can pick up the tent as a sleeping bag and accept it everywhere and build it after you have thrown on the floor. There is still the following to know:

You can sleep in your tent to restore condition Three weapons can be stowed, which you can collect again in future matches The third storage area you have to rent with gold bars


The crowns are a new feature that only get the best players in Fortnite. If you win a match or are among the last and misses, you get a crown in the next match. This crown gives you a golden aura and ensures additional XP in a victory.

If you win a match with the crown in your inventory, you will receive a special emote that number your victories with the crown. And so you come to the Item Ran:

Solo: The best four players Duo: The players in the two best duos Trio: The players in the best trio Team: The players in the best team

Notes that you only get the crowns into the main game modes.

New umbrella for an epic victory

Leakers found a new glider in the data, which you get after an epic win.

New Quest menu and milestones

Epic changed the quest system and the menu. The stamp cards no longer exist, but were replaced by the milestones and daily tasks.

Every milestone has 20 steps that jump every time XP. Whether the XP is now improving after each stage is unknown, but not completely excluded.

The daily tasks are still available to give you a certain boost of experience points. Underneath, the menu is still subdivided into additional styles of the skins to keep an overview.

Note that since the update 18.40, you have also been in rescuing the world by exploring, but also collecting missions XP for your Battle Pass.

More cooperation brings you on

EPIC now cares for more cohesion by completing some actions in the team faster. Resurrecting a comrade or activating the restart bus will be faster if you are in the team in the team.

Furthermore, there are new scanning doors that can only be opened with multiple players, so either you do this in the team or get an opponent to you.

New support items

Fortnite lets you use two new items that will be useful to you in the fight:

Media fog

With this item you can heal you or your allies, but you have to interact with the spray in your inventory. The Media fog can not be used infinitely often and descant if you have used it too often. You can also give you a healing boat during the sprint.


The young fountain can not be applied to other players, but he can hold the condition at the maximum height for you. However, if you are shot down, the effect disappears and would have to look for a new bottle.

Fortnite Chapter 3 FULL BATTLE PASS (Chapter 3 Season 1 - 100 Tiers, Quests, Map, & More Environmental Disasters — Tornados, Lightning and Thunderstorm

Epic Games said that not only the storm sticks to the heels, but soon also new natural phenomena. However, these are added at a later date.

Old vehicle again

The shopping cart and the golf cars were packed back into the safe, but the quadcrasher are back. In addition, vehicles take more damage for explosions, but are repaired much faster through the campfire.

New wildlife

So far, a huge new being been announced, but discovered by nobody. So if you are traveling in Fortnite, the eyes are open.

Further information can be found on the official site of Epic Games in your blog post.

Are you looking forward to the changes that Epic Games has brought into play with the new update? Let us know!


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