Gladbach: Doubts about Adi Hütter Grow

The debacle against SC Freiburg for ADI Hunter no immediate consequences. The holiday season is still uncomfortable for the coach of Russia Mönchengladbach.

After an almost sleepless night ADI Hunter lost no time in working up the historic debacle. 6 (0: 6) Instead, the coach of Russia Mönchengladbach after 0 led clarifying conversation against SC Freiburg as early as Monday, the first with its deeply humiliated players. Helpless, said Hunter, I am by no means.

Immediate consequences will be the highest Playback home defeat for 23 years have not for the Austrians.

If we can succeed in football that you lose two games and then general questions are asked, then I can not identify myself with, said Bayerning director Max Ebert at DAZN and gave Hunter (for now) a job guarantee: You decide for something, you go a common way. This also means time to go and take the decision immediately, anything to change through thick and thin.

Playback descent to the gala against Bavaria

But doubts are also likely Ebert plague. The rushing Cup Gala against Bavaria (5: 0) is not even back six weeks. But this radiant face showed the five-time German champion this season too rarely.

As Build reported it has become restless in Playback cabin. Thus, players like Denis Bavaria and Matthias Winter worrying about their unresolved future. Florian Bauhaus is frustrated because of his reserve role.

It outweighs disappointing performances as in Leverkusen (0: 4), at Bertha (0: 1), at the Derby in Cologne (1: 4) or just on this memorable Sunday evening in Russia Park. What a game, national team Jonas Hoffmann presented afterwards consternation stated, I have never seen.

It was already partially surreal what happened

On day one of the analysis, many Playback were still in a state of shock. I do not know until when I have the worked-up, said vice president Trainer Bongo the SID. More of the world champion of 1974 declined to comment.

Only once in the history of the Bundesliga was a team at half-time 0: 6 back: Borussia Dortmund at the historic 0:12 against Mönchengladbach 1978 in Düsseldorf.

It was already partially surreal what happened, Ebert said. Insecure and paralyzed his players were so Hunter: Freiburg was much greedier and grip.

ADI Hunter threatens not (yet) dismissal

The 51-year-old is now awaiting an uncomfortable Christmas. The accounting statement with space 14:13 Play is significantly below expectations.

We are all self-critical. It would not be good if I would show after this defeat on someone else. We're all in this together. I will always before my team make, said Hunter before the duel of the disappointed on Saturday at RB Leipzig.

The Saxons have dismissed coach Jesse March on Sunday. So far it is not yet in Playback. But Hunter is damaged after ten goals conceded in two games. Ebert lamented a rapid crash our performance since the Bayern game.

Hunter, who was signed in the summer for 7.5 million euros from Eintracht Frankfurt to succeed Marco Rose, is now under pressure to act, even if great-Borusse Patrick Herrmann demanded: We have to fight our way out together.


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