Hoeneß recognizes the deceptive at the table

Often they emphasize in Cofferdam, the current table picture not so much in view. In any case, only a snapshot, little meaningful... if that's true, one or the other Tyler is likely to be scared after the latest match day. Because in the tableau are the predominantly unsteady, but last climbed twice victorious Kraichgauer from the gray midfield to rank five. We are glad about the table situation, it is a testimony of a very good development. We can feel strengthened because we go in the right direction and the tabular point, says coach Sebastian Honey and feels the motivational tailwind in the team, The guys feel that some things run in the right direction, they are really hot, which are continuously circumnavigated in results.

We are motivated to end the not so glamorous series of TSG against Frankfurt.

Sebastian Honey

The table as a turbo. On the one hand. But if you look closely, you can see that the opponent is twelfth, but only two points behind us, says Honey, That's the deceptive at the table. The crowding of eight clubs within a two-point window underlines the enormous rising, but also falling height, depending on the current constancy.

So the TSG wants to use the favor of the upswing. We want to make sure to show us from our best side and expand our home series, Hence swears his team, and we are motivated to finish the not so glamorous series of TSG against Frankfurt. Because that's really questionable. For eight direct comparisons, Cofferdam is against Frankfurt Singles, the most recent six duels won the Hesse all.

The TSG, however, holds one after the other with four home minions, most recently three times without conceding. If the zero is again, the own record would be discontinued from 2017, the third threesome in a row would also be a new record under Honey. We have already broken series in home games against teams, which were very well on the way until then, reminds the 39-year-old about the successes against Wolfsburg (3: 1) or Leipzig (2: 0), We want us again to do. With another home win Cofferdam even beckons the next jump on Champions League Rank 4, Fribourg should lose in Playback. But holds the Frankfurt winery against the TSG, then she is overtaken from the twelfth. So much about snapshot.

Baumann Fit — Rudy and Baumgartner questionable

Personnel can build Honey back to Stem keeper Oliver Baumann, who has overcome his fluffy infection. In question, however, Sebastian Rudy and Christoph Baumgartner (both muscular problems), Jacob Bruin Larsen are further out. Pavel Kaderabek has resumed the training after his lesser on the ankle joint but is certainly not a starting field, says Honey. For this, Andrew Dramatic is likely to return to the initial form in Fürth and could mark his 100 Mayor for Cofferdam.


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