Lineage W comes out of Verserk Collaboration Content

Versus collaboration content is added to Lineage W in Japan. I am aiming for updates in the first half of next year.

This content was announced on the 24th, Lineage W 'TJ's Letter' released on Lineage and Official YouTube. Through the video, NC soft Kim Take Jin, Global users with different game experiences have decided to enjoy the IP as a representative IP in Lineage W in Lineage W. I will show you.


Any content that is added with this can be checked in the video. When you view this basis, including Berserk character Gas, related stories and new areas to appear in Lineage W. That it is, in the long term, not the short is expected to be several content diet leads. Berserk collaboration content serves in the first half of next year, specific information will be released later.

Gimtaekjin representative said, I wanted to not just a collaboration of IP borrowed forms, as seen in the video like to pass the Berserk world and the feeling of the story to enjoy the natural melt Berserk game Lineage W.

The original Berserk is a masterpiece of Ken taro Mira and writers, all swords and magic, dark fantasy manga painted a magnificent life 'Gas' hero in the world that evil is present on the stage. Japan receives over the world recognize the impact hit the global total circulation of more than 5000 million copies.

Lineage W content collaboration Theatrical Anime: is based on the 'Berserk Golden Age pieces, and TV animation Berserk.


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