MMORPG giant says new game is Greatest Success in 25 Years - Release also for PC, PS5

The huge MMORPG Group NCS oft has released Lineage W in November 2021 new mega-hit. The MMORPG published in South Korea already for Android, iOS and PC. He should come in 2022 to Europe and North America -. Then with a release on PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch

How big is the success of Lineage? According to statements of the producer's Lineage W mega-hit for NCS oft (via YouTube). And they had with Lineage 1 Lineage 2 Lineage and M already some success huge. In addition to MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2, ION, Blade & Soul or Wild star has developed or sold. But all that is now being exceeded again Lineage W. The game first appeared on 4 November for PC, Android and iOS:

The game is to import 9 million euros a day. The player rush was so strong that every week rise 12 new servers — it is said, a growth they had experienced in any other game. It is believed that it was up to the word-of-mouth advertising, which fueled the growth. It is said Lineage W is the greatest success in the 25-year history of the company. As the driving force behind the success of the game you can see a high turnout to the player battles, the index is here significantly higher than in Lineage 1 or second

release of Lineage 2022 W planned for Europe

If that too at us? Yes, at the moment NCS oft had a regional launch in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Russia and parts of Central Asia. It is first a mobile game can be also played on the emulator Purple by NCS oft on the PC.

2022 the game in the rest of the world to appear, then for PlayStation and Nintendo 5 switch. An exact release date not yet exist.

Lineage 5 will appear before Lineage 4 because Project TL takes so long

What kind of game is this? Lineage W is the fifth part of the Lineage series and the direct sequel to the original Lineage published 1998th Lineage 2, however, was a prequel — Lineage W is to be a sequel.

Ironically, the fourth Lineage, Project TL (originally: Lineage Eternal), already so long in development that he has not yet been published and the fifth part now appears in front of part of the fourth

Top 20 NEW MMORPGs of 2021 How is the earlier parts of Lineage and Lineage W a classic MMORPG, is viewed from the unfamiliar to us rigid ISO perspective — with us, you know the perspectives from games like Diablo 3 or Lost Ark.

Can also in the West to be a success?

Previous MMORPGs that had their roots in the Mobile area, were not as successful in the West for PC and PlayStation 5 — except for the exceptional appearance Genshin Impact, but that is not an MMORPG. Lineage W is obviously an Auto-paying bring, though no car-Questing. This is a mechanism that in the West for non-mobile -Spielberg is controversial. Although some find the perfect. As with many mobile MMORPGs one can foresee a discussion about Pay2Win also to Lineage W.

This is behind it: NCS oft has been saying for years, wants to bring that all its new games on as many platforms and in many new countries — but it was a long time now not a relevant game out after Master X Master several years ago so evil flopped. In the meantime, they wanted to also bring Blade & Soul times for consoles, the idea has however rejected.

Even with Lineage W do not seem to pull through the new strategy right, but Lineage W will appear only with some delay in the West. Obviously Lineage W is rooted strongly in the Mobile area — this kind of title is seen still critical in the West. Although games begin as Genshin Impact and probably Diablo Immortal to drill thick boards.

From the perspective of us Westerners Project TL seems to be more of the game, we're waiting for and which was specifically developed for PC and consoles.

Lineage W is in the next few months, when things get a release in Europe will no doubt have a big issue on Mango. We will inform you about the game.

2022 in Europe the year Perspective ISO could be of South Korean Action MMORPG from. Even the release of Lost Ark and the Project Tl pending.

More competition for Diablo 4-2022 should finally €75 million new — MMORPG


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