NBA: Luka Doncic brings the MAVs back to the track

The Dallas Mavericks are back in the track! Luka Ionic leads the Mass to victory against the Grizzlies, the Nets embark in Houston. Meanwhile, the Raptors and Thunders provide a wild finish, Miami, the Bucks and Empire rescues the Mixers. The Celtics also ranges a strong Dennis Schröder at the comeback attempt against the clippers.

Charlotte Hornets (14-13) — Philadelphia 76ers (14-11) 106: 110 (Box score)

Diseases, but victory is victory, the Mixers will have thought of five games at the end of their fourth success. Philadelphia had no easy game against the replacement-weakened hornets — but Joel Embed in the hindquarters. The center led the Mixers with 32 points and ice-cold clutch buckets to victory. Although Charlotte lacked five rotary players, including Lamely Ball (Corona Protocol), yet the households were exciting to the final minutes. But then Embed and Danny Green Back-to-Back-Threesome, followed by a crashing driving dunk of the camera. Despite the 8: 0-run of the Mixers, Charlotte did not kink, made it actually exciting with its own triple and forced turnover in the final minute (-3). But that was not enough, Tobias Harris made everything clear from the frewurflinie. The Forward contributed 18 points, Seth Curry came to 23 meters (4/8 threesome) and 8 assists. On the part of the houses Gordon Hayward took over the task of the Hornets Top scorer, he achieved 31 points (Season High) and distributed 7 assists. Kelly Outre Jr. (22 and 10 rebounds, but 3/12 threesome) and Miles Bridges (20) cracked the 20-point hurdle, the fifth bankruptcy from recent six games could not prevent them.

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Cleveland Cavaliers (14-12) — Chicago Bulls (17-9) 115: 92 (Box score)

The evening of Bulls is best to summarize with this scene: When Zach Ravine attacked the CARS basket towards the end of the third quarter, he suddenly found a wall in an Evan-Mobley jersey in front of him. The rookie rose up and tore the ball from ravines hands in his layup trial. It was the icing on an impressive victory of the Cars. Chicago's series of four wins in succession found their amusement against the strong CARS defense. Only once did the bulls scored fewer points in this season (77 against Indiana), in Cleveland cracked ravine and Co. only with oh and the 40 percent mark from the field. The Guard was with 23 points and 9 assists best man at the guests, Alonzo Ball (19 and 7) and Nikola NuCivic (18 and 12 rebounds at 8/23 FG) followed in the Bulls dots list directly behind it. Dear German was not there again (Corona protocol). The bulls have repeatedly found their master in Mobley, the 16 counter (8/11 FG), 9 rebounds, 5 blocks and 2 steals — he is the first Cars rookie with such numbers in the franchise history ever. Offensively helped Darius Garland with a game-high 24 points (including 6 assists), Lauri Marianne (14), Jarrett Allen (13 and 12 rebounds) and the strong bench around Ricky Rubio (11 and 9 Assists) and Kevin Love (11) Also delivered good support. Already in the second quarter, Cleveland yielded a double-digit lead, in the third round, the households then took over the control of the control. Chicago hit only 30 percent in this section from the field, Cleveland 60 percent, the projection grew up to 22 meters. Thus, the fair was read, the Cars are back in the trace after two bankruptcies.

Detroit Pistons (4-20) — Washington Wizards (15-11) 116: 119 OT (Box score)

Shortly after the Wilson was lipped through the reuse, Kyle Burma waved with a mischievous grin on his face towards the domestic pistons fans. I had to tell them: It was time to go home, Burma said. The game had already taken far too long from Wizard's view, against the bottom of the table in the East, the Forward brought the decision until 0.6 seconds before the end of the Overtime. Burma was served in the left corner and sank all the hopes of home fans with his ice-cold threesome to the 119: 116. Previously, Made Cunningham and Bradley Deal had replaced several buckets in the Overtime and Detroit was saved with a 13-point comeback at all in the extension. The top pick showed light and shadows, in the final portion he remained without points (0/6 FG), fired Jeremy Grant (28), Isaiah Stewart (11 and 10 Rebounds) and Frank Jackson (19) catching up. In the Overtime Cunningham then put 8 of his 21 points (8/20 FG) — but that was not enough to finish the defeat series after ten games. Ultimately, the most recently weaken wizards (previously three bankruptcies in a row) were trembling thanks to Burma, even a tight OT victory. With 26 meters he was also Top scorer of the game, DEAL came to 25 points. The latter but shortly before the end of the regular playing time a back court violation, which allowed the pistons into the late balance.

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