Schalke - Frankfurt: Elf-Mints

Dark Hurling (Skopje, Macedonia, July 11, 2000) is a Macedonian footballer. He plays a midfielder and also his group is F. C. Schalke 04 of the 2. Bundesliga of Germany.

The descent has long been sealed — with the 0: 1 in Bielefeld already in the late evening of April 20, 2021 (30th match day) also mathematically clear that the FC Schalke 04 would have no chance to have on the league. The royal blue have been seeing this day of certainty in view of the devastating season for weeks, he was only a matter of time, but the shock sits deep. When this is at least halfway digested, the Gelsenkirchen swear to say goodbye to the remaining four season games at least with dignity.

A completely positive exception

This only succeeds with smears. At the TSG Cofferdam, Schalke leads to Torn of Mark Utah and Showman Mustafa for a break with 2: 0 (WOW!), But collapsed after the side change in 17 minutes four goals and stains it still (typically!). Also, the hatch home game against Bertha is lost (1: 2). But then the royal blue experience a memorable day. Exceptionally completely positive way.

Schalke vs Frankfurt 4-3 | Goals Huntelaar Silva (2) N'Dicka Idrizi Flick Hoppe

On the 33rd match day, the Champions League candidate is a guest of Frankfurt. Of course, the rolls are distributed crystal clear, alone this statistic speaks volumes: against the clubs, which are at that time on the first seven places of the table, the Gelsenkirchen not brought a single point this season. The balance of terror: 13 defeats, a total of 48 goals, only three own hits — one against Playback, Leverkusen and in the first-round game in Frankfurt. But this time everything will be different.

Hunter: only typical, then his last time

Whereby it begins so faring: striker Klaus Jan Hunter, returned to the Yottalux at the beginning of the year as a supposed rescuer of Ajax Amsterdam, forgives his penalty in the 15th minute. It is already the third spotted penalty of the Schalke this season. But: Hunter relies on his marginal shot. So: 1: 0 after 15 minutes. This 84th hit in the 184th Bundesliga game will stay last for Schalke 04 for all times Hunters.

The royal blue can not replace the kinglier from Hesse 2: 0. So everything seems to take his history usual in this horror season. Frankfurt not only aligns by André Silva, but also goes after the break by Evan Nick with 2: 1 in the lead.

What a resistor: Idris, flick and top scorer hope

Then it rappel in the SGE box, even triple! Within eleven minutes (53rd to 64.) Makes Schalke from a 1: 2 a 4: 2, responsible for the young Wilde: The 22-year-old Blend Idris (to Huntelaar-Hacktrick) and the 20-year-old Florian Flick celebrate Each debtor in the Bundesliga, the final point sets the 20-year-old Matthew Hope, who will be successful with his sixth goal at the end of Schalke's most successful shooting in the descent season followed by Utah with three.

The Contract succeeds only 3: 4 by Silva (72nd) after the eleven-minute festival of the royal blue, so the FC Schalke is celebrating its third victory in the cross-season past 50 league games on the 33rd match day. Lastly after a residue, Schalke had won at 3: 2 in Augsburg on the 10th match day — but on the 10th match day of the preseason. In 17 home games of the season 2020/21, Schalke achieves only 14 goals, each of which four against Cofferdam (4: 0) and Frankfurt.

A dignified farewell

The dream of Contract of Rank 4 is roughly burdened at that 15 May, alone in the stadium of the sang and fallacious relegated, which deserves his success for this day, but because he dignified in his last first-year home game for at least 15 months..


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