The Anime de Stone Ocean is now available at Netflix!

The day we have finally expected has arrived. That's right, right now you can enjoy the anime of Tojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean in Netflix. Currently, 12 episodes are already available, with future chapters available every month on this platform.

After the success that was the adaptation of golden wind, the fans of this anime could not wait for Jolene CJH and company to have the beloved treatment that David Productions, the responsible study, is always able to offer to the public. This is the official description:

Florida, US AUU, 2011. Jolene CJH is incriminated and sentenced to 15 years in prison after suffering a car accident with her boyfriend. She ends up in the prison of Green Dolphin Street, also known as 'the aquarium'. Devastated from her, Jolene takes the pendant of her father in her hand when a strange power awakens inside her.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN | Official Trailer | Netflix

The inexplicable events happen one after the other. During the visit, her father Jo taro Duo reveals a terrifying truth and mentions a man named Did. Will Jolene CJH ever get rid of this 'stone ocean' that is a prison? In the midst of this, a hundred-century enmity between Did and the Joe stars enters its climax.

As the description points out, Stone Ocean marks the conclusion of the story that began with Phantom Blood. However, this does not mean the end of Tojo's, since future seasons will explore new facets of this universe full of bizarre adventures.

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