The new DLC Character Dead Or Alive 6 enters the melee tomorrow

It may not be a coincidence, but just after / during a controversial microtransaction debacle, Goa Team publishes more than DLC Dead or Alive 6. That has probably been planned for weeks, but it simply seems too much that Fans are scandalized to have been charged for basic cosmetic changes, then a new character comes out. That being said, while new cosmetics are not new in the DOA 6 DLC, new characters are also standard enough to fight paid LCS. The series is just about everything on the fans service and this character will be familiar with fans.

[Dead or Alive 6] Chamber of Potential ~ Tecmo Sound Team (Extended)

A few weeks ago, Tea Ninja posted a teaser for the character Talkie, who made his debut in Dead Or Alive: Extreme Venus Vacation in 2017. The teaser used images of Venus Vacation, who is one of the games of Beach sport that does not have the fights made by the DOA games of the main series. This will be Tamara's first fight. Earlier in the day, images of Tamara in action were tweeted by the Twitter Dead Or Alive account. It will be available for download with its first set of costumes and set of costumes of the 2019 design contest.

No doubt it will be paid DLC, but Tamara will only be a drop in the bucket very expensive. Tamara will be available for download on March 10 and is part of the content of Season 4 of DOA 6. Dead Or Alive 6 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Do you think the fans will continue to buy the DLC of this game? Let us know in the comments below.

The source: Twitter


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