The purchase of Sumo Digital by Tencent Save Scollos in USA and is closer to complete

There is less left for one of the most prolific companies in the industry to be in the hands of Tencent. In this regard, Sumo Group recently announced that the pitfalls posed by the US authorities to their acquisition by Chinese holding have been saved. The operation could be completed in January.

The $1.3bn Acquisition! Is Tencent’s Takeover Inevitable?

The purchase was subject to research by the United States Foreign Investment Committee alleging Risks for national security of the Republic. However, and as they indicate from Games industry, the Agency has already completed its investigations and will only ask for certain arrangements to mitigate these possible inconveniences.

Although Sumo Group has a large part of its operations in the United Kingdom, it is also owner of Pipework Studios, based in Oregon and supporting credits at Madden NFL 22. At the moment, in the British market no complaints have been submitted to the purchase, which Is everything goes well will be closed in the middle of next month. In fact, the Group has already requested to withdraw its shares from the London Stock Exchange on January 18.

Sumo Group also owns Secret Mode, Aurochs Digital (Mars Horizon), Atom hawk and all the Sumo Digital structure, including The Chinese Room.

On his part Tencent continues to shop for Europe. Thus, it recently announced its entry into the capital of the creators of Yooka-Laylee as well as in those of The Medium. On the other hand, the company has launched a new editorial seal at a global level.


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