Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof is shortened due to weather conditions

This was announced by the Biathlon World Association IBM on Monday evening. Too warm temperatures and rain, the organizers in the Thuringia Forest made the preparation for the first competitions of the Ski Hunters in the Olympic Year in the past few days.

Actually, it should start at the Bernstein on this Thursday with the sprint of men. The competition over ten kilometers is relocated as a result of the warm weather to Friday (11.30 clock) and takes place only a few hours before the race of women (14.15 clock). Through this measure, the routes should be spared, and a better preparation can be made possible. Over the week, the first of two German home world cups, it should be significantly colder successively and the temperatures are sometimes lowered below freezing.

Oberhof Women's Mass Start | 2019–20 Biathlon World Cup

Next weekend, the Mixed competitions (Saturday) and tracking races (Sunday) are planned on the World Cup routes from 2023. Spectators are not permitted in the second year due to the tense Corona situation in Oberon. The IBM also announced that the Corona rules are exacerbated again compared to recent weeks. Accordingly, all participants must complete mandatory PCR tests.


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