LOL - G2 ESPORTS Get the Last` Jankos Contract: The Jungle renews for two more seasons

G2 ESPORTS You wanted to take advantage of the remaining calm at the beginning of the new season of League of Legends competitive to announce the renovation of JANOS. The jungle contract has been renovated for two years, so that its link with the club would not end until the conclusion of the competitive campaign next year 2023. A date for which the Polish would have reached 28 years that could well be responsible for Removal of LEC.

The true player G2 ESPORTS franchise

After the output of Perez during the transfer market last season, JANOS became the most veteran player of the organization. The player has been in the club since December 2017, so in case of meeting the new contract he will have remained in the organization for six seasons. As for Veteran, the player can also boast of being one of the most longest in the history of the European competitive, having been linked to LEC teams since 2014: a milestone that equals Hissing (FANATIC) and that only Nuke duck surpasses (Astral is) by a competitive split.

AUTOFILL DISASTER | Targamas vs Jankos

Despite this situation that invites optimism with respect to the future of Janos in the organization, we must bear in mind that the contracts in the competitive scene of League of Legends have ceased to be a guarantee. It is increasingly common for the sets to be encouraged to pay for the players and G2 ESPORTS has been one of the most active teams in the signing market, giving way to several members of a template with which it was still contractually linked. Even Mike, still to the services of the club, has been relegated to the substitute position after he is not found destiny in the last market.

The next competitive season will be a fire test for the future of G2 ESPORTS. The club has opted for a reconstruction and will have three new signings. Among them the one of flanked. The Spanish shooter committed to the club until next year 2024 and should accompany the jungle of the organization during which they could be their last years in the elite of the competitive League of Legends.


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