SANIC HEGEHOG-style "Neon" is the operation favorite? A special gift is a special present in the Liat's "drawing a picture and asking points" support program

If the List Games is insufficient in-game currencies such as League of Legend and Valorant , the user will carry out a support program that provides a small amount of presents by sending a picture. Do you know that you are? The picture sent by the overseas users has been talked about having received a special gift with a high evaluation for development staff.

The Reddit user's Empyrean is a situation where the intrastate currency VP is insufficient to purchase battle paths in Valorant. I thought about using a support program to obtain a shortage without point purchasing.

In the forum, there is a report that up to 50 points have been received, but there is no previous example that you have 55 points. But I decided to contact the support anyway, and submitted the new character Neon of the same work, and submitted an illustration written in the Net Meme PANIC HEDGEHOG that imitated Sonic The Hedgehog.

This support program usually has a point for several months of time, but just a few hours after he's illustration has arrived from the formula from the official arrived. Official support seems to have grateful to this art and has given 55 points as an exception.

Within the thread that explains this process at CREDIT, the staff of List Games has replied that I want to give Fist BUMP (Anybody of Not for sale) I am using it as an emote in the team in the team. It seems to be established as an unofficial mascot of the development team.

The League of Legend has also published galleries and images that introduce masterpieces from art.

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