Spain: the Switch, FIFA and Pokémon crowned in 2021

The Game reactor website has published the console sales figures as well as some game sales figures to take stock of the year 2021 in Spain.


As everywhere else in the world, the switch comes out big winner of the debates despite a decline of 5% compared to the 2020 record. He has passed 495,000 Switch in Spain last year (against 1.3 million In France, as a comparison) including 80,000 sales for the SWITCH OLED. This performance allows Nintendo to have a total of 2.2 million Switch installed in Spain, according to the estimates of the Installs community, still far enough from the 3.8 million PS4 adopted by our Iberian neighbors.

In the second position, the PlayStation 5 was sold to 275,000 copies last year (600,000 in France), which corresponds to the number of consoles obtained by Sony Interactive Entertainment España. With 83,000 machines sold, the Xbox Series is far enough behind but always better than a PS4 at the edge of the rupture (53,000 sales in 2021, down 78%). While the scarcity of components shows no signs of improvement, the switch already has great favorite to dominate the market in 2022 again.

For the little story, Nintendo also met with great success with Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda. The object output under the 35th anniversary of the SAGA carried 17,500 sales the first two days and finished the year 2021 with no less than 27,500 units sold.

Sales of consoles in Spain for 2021 (2020)

The Game reactor website has also compiled the 20 bestsellers of games by keeping the titles output in 2021. In terms of numbers, it must be satisfied with box sales, which nowadays do not say. As everywhere else in Europe, FIFA 22 is an untouchable with 537,000 copies sold (including 61% on PS4 and 21.6% on Switch) even though Pokémon sparkling diamond / glittering pearl and Super Mario 3D World + Bowler's Fury have also signed big performances. By adding to that just dance 2022, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and Mario Party Superstars, we can not say that the year will have been under the sign of new blood. Also note the good performance of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (sorry, RNA dimension Apart) which advances titles like Resident Evil Village, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Metro id Dread, developed as a reminder by the Spanish Studio Mercury steam.

Return and Death loop are placed next to their subject, the fault in part to a park of insufficient machines. The balance sheet is not better on the top Xbox exclusives from the end of the year that are Halo Infinite and Fora Horizon 5, whose combined launch figures have not exceeded the 5,000 units. Between the lack of stocks and a strategy that puts everything on the Game Pass, so to say that the Xbox brand becomes more invisible than ever in the rays of the markets where it was already behind. And as the same Nintendo can not win all the blows, Mario Golf: Super Rush and Hardware: Get It Together are unnoticed, just like the game a little more niche that are no more Heroes 3 and Shin Mega mi Tense V.

Top 20 News (Games output in 2021 only, box sales)


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