The 7 best anime

We have created a list of the 7 best anime MMORPG that currently exist in 2022 on the market.

The graphic style of the great AAA MMORPG simply speaks to you not more? Anime and the accompanying drawing style are your passion? Then it is perhaps time to try one of the much anime MMORPG.

But many of these games really are worthwhile, and which attract only empty words, scarce clothing and exaggerated large breasts? We introduce you to 7 Anime MMORPGs that are worth for fans of the genre a longer look.

Update: On January 4, 2022, the list for the new year has been adjusted. Originally, the article from 2017 originates.

Genshin Impact

Setting: Fancy Anime World | developers : photo | Platform: Android, iOS, PC, PS4 | release date: 09/28/2020 | Model : Free2play

Every year there are appearing without warning out of nowhere and conquer the gaming landscape by storm a few surprise hits. In the fall of 2020 was probably Genshin Impact.

The game has not only an impressive Anime graphic, which regularly surprised everyone, like a game on the smartphone look as good, but also convinced playful.

After the co-op mode is enabled, can be also playing with friends Genshin Impact. Here you not only skin on the same enemies one but unleashed some interesting combos of different elements that alone would not be possible. It is worthwhile and fun with friends on the way to be.

Apart from the fact that each of the pretty Waifs and send Husbands is...

However, Genshin Impact is also a Geisha system is based, in which you only get the best heroes, if you have good luck or August a lot of real money, nachzuhelfen to happiness. But for most players it is unlikely to be limiting and many enjoy the game, to leave without big money.

Genshin Impact is regularly improved since release and enlarged. The story develops further and new features such as housing or even dates with the characters came afterwards. It is a game that gets every few months a lot of new content.

However: Genshin Impact is not just an MMORPG but in much more of a single player title with optional multiplayer mode. It combines a lot of good of both worlds, but is not considered a traditional MMORPG.

Where can I download the game? Genshin Impact can you in your respective Store Platform download (PC, iOS, Android). For the PC, you just visit the official website.

Blade & Soul

Setting: Asian martial arts | developers : NCS oft | Platform: PC | release date: 01/19/2016 (Europe) | Model : Free2play

If you like Asian settings with dramatic story and female villains whose appearance belongs in a pin-up calendar that will be happy with Blade & Soul. Although the graphics are not dewy, it is still far above what one might otherwise expect in Anime MMORPG. But the look is far from what the game has to offer.

In particular, the action-packed combo combat system provides power for any amount, whether in Eve or PVP situations. The game is still evolving and expanding to new updates. So things were introduced as guild PVP, and the ongoing story about the embodiment of evil is ever-knit, so there is every few months new tasks for the players.

A major highlight of 2021 was the revision of the engine that has graphically again significantly improved the MMORPG.

The wide range of content owes Blade & Soul also a long time in which the game was only available in Asia. The Western version has since been greatly tightened and is now almost on a par with the original.

Fits Blade & Soul to you? This is what the Kung Fu MMORPG.

Where can I download the game? The MMORPG you get for free on the official site of Blade & Soul.

Tree of Savior

Setting: Picturesque Cuddly Fantasy | developers : GAMES Co. | Platform: PC | release date: 03/26/2016 (Europe) | Model : Free2play

For a while Tree of Savior is already available on Steam and the jury is out on this MMORPG. While many players with the picturesque cuddly graphics and the long grind nothing can begin, others swear by the nice atmosphere and the slight Hack & Slay feeling that comes when wandering through the numerous dungeons.

Who has fun at the slaughter of enemies, soothing of goddesses and plenty of great bully eyes, which is likely to be served with Tree of Savior for a long time? As usual in this genre, there is also a cash shop, with which one can simplify the hours in the game and can unlock certain bonuses, such as faster levels or a larger inventory.

The English version of Tree of Savior can be tried free of charge by anyone interested in Steam.

Where can I download the game? Tree of Savior gets you for free on the Steam side of the game.


SETTING : Anime Fantasy | Developer : Dog Games | Platform : PC | Release date : 27.12.2007 | Model : Free2play

Anyone who has enough of traditional MMORPGs and prefer to change a change and action, which is likely to be well advised with Sword online. Although Sword is an anime MMORPG, it is played as a sidescroller with 3D optics.

The action of the game will be further counted in small comic sequences and the rising degree of difficulty and the almost endless possibility to improve its own character for many hours.

But Sword has even more to offer. Who wants, can also try in the PVP and prove that your own combos are much better, that is the enemies. This does not only work in 1 against 1, but also group vapors are possible where tactics, planning and fast response itself can still reverse a seemingly lost fight.

Thanks to the timeless manga graphics, this game remains a real eye-catcher after years.

Where can I download the game? SWORD Online you get over the official website on which you can download it for free.

Aura Kingdom

Setting : Medieval Anime Fantasy | Developer : X-Legend | Platform : PC | Release date : July 2014 | Model : Free2play

Fans of larger game worlds in the complete anime / manga style should be well advised with Aura Kingdom. The graphics style immediately reminds of well-known series such as Sword Art Online or similar representatives of the genre and the game world is filled with many elements that are already known from larger AAA MMORPGs. In addition to the traditional quest, killing, loose collecting, there are occupations and mini-games in Aura Kingdom, such as a collective card system with more than 300 different cards.

Although Aura Kingdom lacks a little of dungeons and thus more difficult challenges, which quite interesting story make this drawback again.

ALL Archon Cinematic Cutscene Appearances | Barbatos, Morax, Baal | Genshin Impact Who wants, can also try to get invoked and approached with fishing or archeology to resources, which could be valuable for other players — or thus invest their own stock and ultimately exploit them to weapons and armor.

Where can I download the game? Aura Kingdom gets Steam on the official website or on the platform.


Setting : Present | Developer : Nordic Games | Platform : PC | Release Date : 06.02.2018 (EU Steam) | Model : Free2play

Closer is an action anime MMO, which comes with a (for anime) typical basic story: the earth is overrun by creatures from a foreign dimension and now requires defenders who put themselves in their way to this being. New characters are regularly added, which throw a new angle on the story and bring fresh gameplay mechanics.

If you do not feel like other players, you do not have to deal with them. On request, you can also experience the episodic story of the characters alone and have experienced more about the game and its background history.

However, whom the rather weak NPC opponents are too light, he crashes with a full Élan in the PVP battles. Thanks to the combat system reminiscent of Beam's up games and allows combos with powerful special attacks, dynamic skirmishes result with a variety of options. This is also supplemented by the extensive skill system, because for every character there are individually expandable skills, weapons and armor — hardly a character will be the same.

Closer also benefits from his colorful manga look, with which the more simple graphic nevertheless works convincing and consistent.

Where can I download the game? The Anime MMORPG Closer will receive you for free on the Steam side of the game.

Soul worker

Setting : Post-apocalyptic | Developer : Lion Games Co., Ltd. | Platform : PC | Release date : February 26, 2018 (EU Steam) | Model : Free2play

In the same division as Closer also shoots Outworker. 15 years ago, the world was hit by dark creatures and only a few people have survived this apocalypse. Equipped with supernatural forces, the soul workers are the last rescue for humanity.

Players hatch in the role of such a soul worker, but must first discover and unleash their forces. Depending on the choice of character (4 classes currently), there are different skills. Many contents can also be completed with a group of 4 players whose skills complement themselves — this ensures cool combinations and a very special effect firework.

Even if the focus of Soul worker is clear on the EVE area with over 100 dungeons, there is something for PVP friends to do — in a huge mass battle (an open PVP area), players can get their anime skills around the How ears.

Where can I download the game? The MMORPG will receive you for free on the Outworker Steam page.

Which of the anime MMORPGs do you like very well? Which did you already play or do you still want to try? Do you miss a game in the list? Write it into the comments!

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