These are the nominees Awards Awards 2022, the prizes to the best games of the year

We are already in mid-January 2022, but it is never a bad time to continue analyzing what you left us 2021. Some prizes, such as d.i.c.e. Awards Of those we come to talk today, are granted on dates close to which we are now, and we have even known the nominees to the GDC Awards, which will be delivered in the month of March together with the award-winning Indie Titles in the Independent Games Festival.

As we say, today we come to talk about d.i.c.e. Awards 2022, awards granted by the Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences that celebrate its 25th edition this year. Of these we already know their list of nominees, in which Ratchet and Clank stands out: a separate dimension (insomniac Games) with nine nominations, followed by Death loop (Arcane), which accumulates a total of eight. Next, the complete list of nominees to the prizes.

nominees at d.i.c.e. Awards 2022.

game of the year

Best animation

Best Art Direction

Best character

Best original music

Best sound design

Best story

Best technical achievement

Best action game

Best Adventure Set

Best family game

Best fighting game

Best racing game

Best role game

Best sports game

Best Strategy / Simulation Set


Best technical achievement actually immersive

Best immersive reality game

Best Independent Game

Best game for mobile

Best online game

Best game design

Best Address

Last December, different flashes were held that rewarded the video games in 2021. In them, IT Takes Two came out as a great win after the Got was taken at The Game Awards 2021, distinction that also He got on the return of the 3D game prizes, which had live broadcast and prizes for the spectators who were encouraged to follow the celebration.

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