LOL: The Honor League Entél suspends Supay Gaming matches

On the morning of February 7, the League of Honor Entel confirmed its calendar of the week. For this occasion, you will have four matches instead of five. One of the teams in the league, supay gaming is in public gaze due to accusations due to lack of payments to its players. Apparently, this would have given way to a total exit from the League of Legends competition.

JORNADA 1 - LIGA DE HONOR ENTEL - APERTURA 2022 - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS For some days, several Members of Supay Gaming began to vocalize their frustration by payments of payments and non-compliance. Javiera "Kristal" González , Ex-Director Executive, was the most echoing what was happening internally. Daniel Eduardo "Detako" González Acuña Detailed problems on a Twitlonger, exposing that the organization was explicit to mention that they would not pay salaries. Only the amount corresponding to the first month was delivered. According to the administration, $ 14,000 USD had been spent from national circuits and the operation was not giving results.

With the passing of the days, Supay Gaming did not give more comments about it . He deactivated his social networks and everything seems to indicate that he is soon to leave the liga of Honor Entél. There are no details about whether you will seek to settle the outstanding debt with athletes and staff hired for 2022. What those responsible for the Chilean League will emit a resolution soon. If the low will be confirmed, they would go from 10 to nine competitors in search of being champion.

Supay Gaming was founded in January 2021. It competed in the national circuits and managed to classify the EntAl Honor League 2022. The affected players are waiting for an official resolution, since the organization's decline is the end of its campaign. Unfortunately, the breach of payments is confirmed, it is not an isolated situation in Latin America: something similar occurred in the north with LDM ESPORTS, which was declared bankrupt after problems with one of its owners.

At the time of publishing the note, all Supay Gaming matches will not be played and there is no communicate about what happened. Everything written on the note comes from those affected.


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