Pokemon new series, Pokemon Scarlet, Violet release this year

Pokemon Co., Ltd. announced the Pokemon Scarlet (Pokemon Scarlet) and Pokemon Violet, a next-generation Pokemon game. Both games will be released as a Nintendo switch this year. These games are expected to be the 9th generation or Gen 9 of the Pokemon series.

According to the American Game Media Game Spot, Pokemon Co., Ltd. reported that Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents was released at the end of the Live Stream. As the user is released through a teaser trailer, the user can see the world to hunt Pokemon. It also contains this new area: Sprigatito (grass cat), Fuecoco (antioxidant), and quaxly (water).

The trailer begins with a real scene and begins to show you a frightened light that the guards are strangely shining. Then we will switch to the video in the game in the new area, and you can see many overhead shots that the world and wild Pokemon are around.. This area seems to have a variety of environments, from a silent plains to a village with palm trees.

According to the official announcement, this new area has a variety of villages without borders, and there may be no hard cut between the village conversion. You can also see Pokemon where you can get around, including the inside of the city.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - Pokemon Presents Reaction

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet follow Pokemon Sword and Shield in the core Pokemon lineup of the game. The most recent Pokemon game Pokemon Legends: ARCEUS has moved the series of backgrounds in Pokemon's past in Shin-Ho, when released on January 28, was released on January 28.

On the other hand, Pokemon Day introduced a new update to Pokemon, Pokemon Legend: Arsus, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl.


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