Where to find the best early weapon in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an extensive world with enemies with which you need to fight, bosses with which you need to die, and weapons that can be used. The choice of weapons is one of the most difficult solutions that you have to take, especially at the beginning of the game when weapons are everywhere. Here is the best weapon that can be obtained at the beginning.

Double blade

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The best weapon you can get at the beginning with minimal effort is twinblade. To use TwinBlade requires 10 power and 18 dexterity. This twirl weapon can be found south of Lake Aguil and Dragon Roins burned . You will need jump over the destroyed castle walls with a stream to access the underpass. There are two underground transitions in the burned Dragon Ruins . If the passage you entered contains rats, turn back, it is an incorrect passage .

This weapon is considered as strong because of his flexible set of movements, which will allow you to quickly hit several enemies with both ends of the double blade. This weapon can also be two-handed (holding triangle or y and pressing RB) for additional movements when dealing with large flocks. That ashes of war is also great for defeating several enemies around you.

TwinBlade is scaled both with strength and agility, and will be useful for both buildings in the early game and in the middle of the late game. Be sure to refresh twinblade for a blacksmith table (and later in the round of the round table) so that the weapon will retain the longer viability.

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