Winter sports nation Norway: between "Gull"

Norway for Biathlon-King Johannes Thingnes Boe has broken the Olympia Goldenkord. But just in the pampered long runs it besched.

Many meters before the finish line, Johannes Thingnes brought kisshands into the walking TV camera, after the next Olympic Coup of the undisputed biathlon king, the jubilant knew no bounds in the distant home. "Norway with Goldkreord", the internet edition of the newspaper Verdens Gang, which Dagbladet wrote: "It's nice to be a Norwegian in China." Because the Vikings clear everything in the realm of the middle (almost).

Alone 15 gold medals are already - a more than Germany and Norway four years ago and Canada 2010 had record in winter games. And a "Gullfest" (Goldfest) for the winter sports nation, in which nine of ten television viewers bring absolute dream quotas to the Olympic Sender Discovery of these days.

Especially the dominance of biathlets around Boe is pressing. In ten of the eleven competitions, Norway brought medals, only the women's season went empty, total collected "Norge" 14 of 27 possible plaques. Boe alone won four times gold and once bronze - record. "These were dream games," he said, saying, on behalf of the whole nation, "I would never have thought so well, extreme."

Further "Gull" cheer is programmed, but cross-country skiing Therese Johay goes into the trail again. Although the own medal record of Pyeongchang (39) is likely to remain unequaled, the self-set target of 32 times noble metal has exceeded the small country in the far north but already two.

Norway: "Born with skis on the feet"

Norwegians are "born with skis on the feet", but it says in China but they also won on snowboards and with skates gold. Your secret? "There is none," said Biathlon boss per Arne Botnan, "We have good athletes and a working team drummerum."

In addition, the oil nation has the necessary financial resources. Many winter sports have their origins or great tradition in Norway, Olympic champions rise to people's owners and top deserves.

But it's not all gold, which once shined. In the warehouse of the successful cross-country skier, it broodes after "only" six medals tremendously, several athletes threw the team management mistakes in the preparation and lack of backing. Tiril Udnes Weng sobbed five in the teamprint, she feels "like a national traitery".

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From ancient dominance, Verensal Gauge anticipated a wink, Norway was miles away anyway. In 1928 you won six by 14 competitions, 43 percent! That would be 47 gold medals nowadays - that does not even create team norge.


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