Xenoblade Chronicles 3 presents its main protagonists and their motivations

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was the surprise of the last Nintendo Direct, and the joy for the fans of the saga and the RPG of all life. The game of monolith closed the event with a spectacular trailer and the promise that next September will arrive. But, beyond some nuance that we can get out of what we see in the video, it did not transcend a lot of information from the game; up to now.

Now, we already know details for a certain provenance of Nintendo, like everything about the protagonists of the game, whom we could see in the trailer and those who already know more.

They are called noah and mioh . The first is a soldier from KEVES and is known as an "off-seer", which is as it is called those who regret lost people in battle. For the part of him, Mio stands out for the speed of him in battle to dodge attacks and harm using the chakrams. He also has the same meaning as his companion and that explains the use of flutes in the presentation video.

"'_Luchar to live. Live to fight'. As exits, both Noah and mine have had to regret the loss of countless lives, and that is appreciated in the music they play with their flutes," he says Nintendo in a new tweet.

The thing has not been there, since Nintendo has continued to present more characters from which we will find ourselves at Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as are Lanz or Seine , both contenders in the battles next to the group of protagonists. The first is Noah's childhood friend and fights on his side as a Keves Soldier. While Seine has an imposing force that allows you to dispatch enemies with a gigantic hammer.

It seems that we will continue to know more details about this exclusive game of Nintendo Switch during the next few days; Since its creators are introducing us to the full cast. We remind you that the launch date of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is next September, still without a defined date for your arrival at stores; And from now one of the maximum exponents of the hybrid console for this 2022 that has just begun and that comes powerful.

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