Anno 1800 reveals its next three additional content

The love story between Anno 1800 and its continued community for Ubisoft Mainz, which unveils this week the contents of the 4th season pass of its management game.

Already very popular basic, Anno 1800 continues to feed a community always asked. For this new year of content, Ubisoft offers three DLCs, the first of which will be released on April 12, 2022. Entitled "Graine of the change", it focuses on the agricultural sector and proposes to build its own hacienda to reign on a rural exploitation by taking advantage of From what the nature of the new world can offer, even if we can also count on the importation of goods to stimulate the economy.

The second DLC, named "emiring of the heavens", looks less and the ground as it intends to bring us into the era of aircraft in the course of summer. A good way to transport goods from one island to another and to maintain the links between communities through the postal system. Finally, a third DLC named "new horizons" will focus on the new world's industrial and economic growth with a focus on local culture. Each DLC will be accompanied by its own scenario but also a free update.

Anno 1800: Season 4 Pass Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


Anno 1800 - Trailer of Season Pass 4


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