Dark Souls, Pokémon & Co: 13 Boss

Difficulty in video games is an individual thing: while some are looking for the highest challenge in games like Elden Ring and Co., others are already sweating at Boss fighting in Pokémon. We asked you for your most unforgettable and nerve-wrinkling boss challenges and that are your answers!

Given everything: After these boss fights you have fallen out exhausted

Boss fights have a special status in video games: the harder the fight fails, the more beautiful is the victory. But which bosses have really left a lasting impression with you?

I Turned Everything Into The Final Boss - [Post-Asylum] We asked our readers on Facebook and then get stories to 13 club hard fights that we have summarized for you in the lower picture line . It's nice and doing at the same time hurt to read it.

From Issin from Sekiro: Shadows the Twice to the Walkürkönigin from God of War - you have told us about 13 impressive boss fights, which have lost everything. We say "Congratulations and good night!"


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