Elden Ring: Patch 1.02.2 solves serious performance and crash

Although ELDEN ring did not ran a round, the developers from FROM Soften has regularly providing updates since February 22, 2022, especially to get the performance and stability issues under control.

Patch 1.02.2 is online!

Elden Ring Still Has Performance Issues After Day 1 Patch, FromSoft Respond, & Potential Solutions Currently, Elden Ring runs in version 1.02, which went live on 24 February. Two days later, a first update supplement followed for version 1.02. Now official Patch 1.02.2 has been published, the serious performance and crash bugs to PC and PlayStation 5 triggers.

On Twitter it says:

  • PC: There was a problem solved through which the graphics card of the PC was not used, which of course ceased in a slow performance.
  • PC: A bug has been fixed, through which the game ended in the fight against the fire giant himself.
  • PC: Other bugs have been fixed.
  • PlayStation 5: There were changes for the stored game progress, even if the game has not been stopped yet.

Developer Post for Performance

In the next few days, more hotfixes are likely to follow the performance of the game on the PC. This shows a post of developers of February 25, 2022. There it says: "We will work around the clock at an optimization of the game so you can play it comfortably on a variety of PC setups and platforms._"

On the Playstation 5, the author had only two problems of these lines so far: a) the bodies of a defeated horse and his riders once whirled wildly in the air. B) A boss had the impudence to piss the hero of the editor through walls with his swords. Scandal! How is Elden Ring (Buy Now) Currently? Do you have fun? Betray us in the comments!

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