How to repair items in Core Keeper

If you are interested in how to repair items in Core Keeper, it's easy. In short, you will need to do emergency repair station and use it. Using the utilization and repair station will allow you to use spare parts for repairing broken or damaged items.

But before you can repair items with the help of the station, you will need to scratch it. To build a repair and rescue station, you will need five wooden and five copper bars.

You can get both material in the starting zone of the game. For example, you can collect wood from large roots which donate the starting z1. But for copper you will need to extract sparkling points at a distance, as shown below.

Mining minerals in the direction of these sparkling points will find deposits of copper ore. Get these deposits of copper ore, and you will get copper ore, which can be turned into copper bars.

How To Repair Items in Core Keeper - Cheapest Way To Repair Items in Core Keeper - Core Keeper But in order to turn copper ore into copper bars, you will need oven . If you do not have a stove, you will need 20 dirty walls to make it. Fortunately, you can collect 20 mud walls, breaking mud walls during mining.

When you collect 20 dirty walls, find the oven under the workbench. Kraft section and place it. After placing the furnace, you can overpay the previously obtained copper ore.

To pay ore, open the furnace and place the ore inward, as shown above. After you finish melting copper ore and collect enough wood, you can build a recycling and repair station.

Start opening Vistak again and find the recycling and repair station in the "Creation" section. Create a recycling and repair station, and you can repair any items in the game by opening the station.

The starting station will allow you to make rescue parts which can restore damaged or broken items. To make spare parts, you will need to disassemble unnecessary weapons, armor and tools.

You can save items by placing an item to a station and clicking the icon of the broken sword shown above. Click on the icon will give approximately one utilized part.

Then you can use this utilized part to repair your subject, placing an inside of the station. After placement of the item, press the button icon and click your item. At the same time, you will use a utilized part and replace a broken or damaged object in Core Keeper.

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